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Can i make money quick with GDI?

Updated on April 6, 2010

Can I make money quick with GDI?

Yes and no, it all depends, in my case I took me a month to see money from GDI, but I know people that made money with GDI the first week while they were still within the free trial.

Would you like to know why gdi is called income for life?

Because GDI gives everyone the opportunity to earn money through its affiliate program, wait a minute, I thought affiliates programs were free to join? They are.

Affiliate programs are free to join and everyone should know this, but GDI is currently offering its affiliate program only to its customers, only to people that buy their product, so what is the product?

GDI is a Web Hosting Services which has a cost of $10 dollars per month, which makes GDI totally legit, note that I am saying this because sometimes people think is just another scam, which is not because you are paying for a product, or buying a product, in this case a service from GDI, so how you make money with GDI?

I am not going to lie about this, but most of the people go to GDI exactly because they want to take advantage of the affiliate program and be able to collect the bonus this company is offering, not for the web hosting service itself, in other words they want to appear in the leaderboard list and they completely forget about everything else, even that they just bought a website and is ready to use, all of this happens because they want to use the affiliate program to get this bonus right away.

Global Domains International pays out in two ways, monthly commissions and with a bonus referral program, they pay me 1$ every month for every member in my downline, 5 levels deep, the bonus referral program is great too, they'll pay you $100 for every five paid people you invite into the free trial. So, for 5 people = $100, then 10 people = $200 a week!

I want to share a very simple tip with you, even though I still do not make it to the leaderboard, I am still making money with GDI, like me thousands of people are, and I am going to reveal you the secret, my team call it, team work, in our team there is this one person that he is always in the leaderboard, he has a website dedicated to our team full of resources, where he actually show us how to be successful, and I am going to tell you why he is doing this, he found out that if he teaches his downline how to be successful they will stay with GDI because they will make money, and if they make money he will too because GDI pays five levels deep.

Having a website is a great tool to make money, so why not give it a try while you promote GDI, perhaps you could use adsense, or you could use affiliate programs to try to monetize your website, I want to be sincere with you and be aware that nothing happens overnight, in fact it will start slow, but will grow eventually, and if you join our team you will not be alone.

Global Domains International is a real money making opportunity, you can start for free try it out for seven full days.


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