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How Much Money Can I Earn from Writing on HubPages?

Updated on April 9, 2016
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Kejanny is a work-at-home, self-employed blogger and affiliate marketer.


How much money can I earn is probably the most common question asked when we are comparing online writing sites that offer their members the opportunity to earn money by writing articles.

There is potential for you to earn passive income from writing on HubPages. How much you actually earn depends on your motivation for writing, your efforts in consistently writing good quality, content-rich articles (or hubs), and how much traffic you drive to your hubs.

In this hub, I share my experience as I also asked the same question when I first joined. I’m just an average hubber, definitely not one of those active and successful hubbers earning hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. I hope new hubbers find some useful tips as I share my experience of writing on HubPages.


Expectation vs The Big Picture

HubPages is not a writing site where you can write a few short articles and earn lots of money overnight. Many get disappointed and leave when they come with this over-ambitious expectation and find that they have to work hard and persevere. My advice: Do not start at HubPages with such an ‘overnight success’ unrealistic expectation because you can get disappointed.

So what is the ‘big hub picture’? This is what HubPages says: “Please keep in mind that HubPages is first and foremost a community for people who love to write, share information, and help others with their articles. Making a bit of extra money is an added bonus, but it should not be your primary motivation”. There you go! That is the ‘big hub picture’.

If your primary intent is to share information and provide solutions to people who are looking for that information or product, you’ll go a long way as a successful hubber. Interactions with the HubPages writing community will help you improve as a writer and it can also motivate you to hang on when you feel like quitting.

How Do You Make Money on HubPages?

There are four ways in which you can make money writing on HubPages. These are HubPages Ad Program, Google Adsense, Amazon and eBay. Amazon and eBay are capsules you can place in your hubs, depending on what you write about. The advertisements from Google Adsense and HubPages Ads are automatically displayed on the hubs. Income from these advertisements are shared 60/40 between you and HubPages. The more traffic your hubs bring in, your potential to earn more increases.


What You Can Do to Increase Your Earnings

Let me begin by sharing by experience writing on HubPages. I signed up at HubPages on 15 November, 2012. The same day, I posted an article which is not being featured now as it is of poor quality. By the end of the month, I had earned 2 cents! I said to myself, if I can earn a cent, why can’t I try this site out and write a few more articles? Rest of this story can be found on this hub.

Do the following to increase your earnings:

  1. Good Quality Hubs – write good quality, content-rich, original hubs on topics of your interest that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Write to share information that people are searching for;
  2. Consistency – write consistently. I now realize that if I had been consistent, I could have increased my earnings;
  3. Bring Traffic to Your Hubs – you make money when people read your hubs. Good quality hubs should be search-engine optimized so it brings natural traffic. Engaging with the HubPages community, especially in reading and commenting on other writers’ hubs can also return the same favor to your hubs;
  4. Abide by the Rules – many people have their accounts cancelled by HubPages when they don’t abide by the site’s rules. Take some time to go through the site’s terms and conditions and you’ll go a long way as a writer here;
  5. Never Give Up – it can take up to 6 months or more before you may reach the $50 payment threshold. Never give up if you don’t see increased earnings in the early stages of your HubPages journey. Be patient and consistent.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

How much money you can potentially earn writing on HubPages depends very much on the quality of your hubs and whether they are generating traffic. On average 300 views per day would earn about $1 from HubPages Ad program. Writing Amazon product reviews is more likely to lead to a purchase than just displaying Amazon products in a hub. I haven’t had much success with e-Bay capsules so probably don’t qualify to provide any tips on that.

You can make money writing on HubPages. .It is passive income and that’s the beauty of it. I wish you all the best in your online writing on this site.

At the time of writing this (12/11/15), I have 43 hubs. Out of that, twelve hubs are not featured due to low traffic and poor quality. Of the 31 featured, 90% of the traffic comes from only seven (7) successful hubs. The table below shows my earnings since my humble beginnings at HubPages 3 years ago. I hope this small achievement inspires your success.

How Much I Got Paid by HubPages

HubPages Earnings
No. of Months
November 2012 - April 2013
May - July 2013
August - October 2013
November - December 2013
January - February 2014
March 2014
April 2014
May 2014
June - July 2014
August - September 2014
October - November 2014
December 2014 - January 2015
February 2015
March 2015
April 2015
May - June 2015
July 2015
August - September 2015
1,304.87 paid earnings in 36 months.

When I look at these statistics, I now regret that I did not write consistently. The potential to increase my HubPages earnings was there, however, I did not seize the opportunity. Way forward for me now is to:

  • Edit all low quality hubs according to HubPages guidelines;
  • Do some keyword research and optimize hubs for search engines;
  • Write and write more informative hubs; and
  • Engage with the HubPages community again.

The reason why I'm sharing my experience is to encourage those like myself who have neglected our passive income garden at HubPages to tend to it again. It is a fruitful garden with the potential of bearing more fruits.

Happy Hubbing!


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