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Choosing My 69th Hub Was a Hard But Funny Decision

Updated on February 24, 2016

I am on my 69th hub. What shall this hub be about? What is the meaning of 69? the meaning of 69 depends on what you are thinking. One definition is 69 means 9 more than 60. 69 is also a number following 68 and preceding 70. sixty-nine or 69 is also a French name soixante-neuf(69) which means a sexual position in which two people align themselves so that each persons mouth is near the other persons genitals. This piticular postion can alo be done in other ways as well, such as lying down or on top of each other, depending on the couples creativity and flexibility. I know this definition is what most people think of when someone says the number 69. I often laugh when this number is called during bingo. I know I have a dirty mind but then again so do alot of other people.

I began to think why is this number attributed towards sex ,who started it and who first used the term. Did it this practice start in 1969 or 1869, my guess would be 1869. Or is it because the square root of 69 is 8.31. Oh my, thats 8 something, or could it be the metric term for 181, one ate one. 

Now that I am done joking the first known use of 69 was by the French and is was used in 1888, not 1869 as I thought. Got to thank the French for this one. What would we do with out it? Look at the 6 and then the 9 as if the circle part of the numbers where peoples heads. Do you see the 9 is eating out the 6 or vise versa and therefore 69, heads and tails.


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    • The Jet profile image

      The Jet 6 years ago from The Bay

      Hah! 69...

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 7 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      OK SteveoMc I will let you know. I thought it was so funny....

    • SteveoMc profile image

      SteveoMc 7 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      If you make money on this hub, I want to know. Seriously! There are so many things I could say. LOL Very funny. I suspect that the idea came earlier than 1869, too bad we didn't gain independence in 1769, huh? The French probably started the Renaissance in 1369. Probably hieroglyphs started the whole thing by using people characters in opposing positions, future 69.

    • samsons1 profile image

      Sam 7 years ago from Tennessee

      most descriptive...