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City in the sky

Updated on October 23, 2015

Apparently there was a city that appeared in the sky over china Foshan.

Do you know what this mean? Some say it could be a test from what is known as project blue beam.

Which is a projection of a hologram shown to the masses to trick them into believing Jesus has come back.

Well Cern was doing an experiment to open a portal to the other side and this could be a result of that.

Who knows? All I can say is that it is something new to see and hope nothing bad comes from that city, cause who knows what will happen if something comes down.

It could be a superman but not the hero that can come down and destroy us all.

If we just look take pictures and video without trying to contact them then we should be ok.

I mean people here don’t like each other over colors so think about how they might feel about us.

They never know when we might turn on them and just out of pure survival they may attack us.

Let’s just hope for the best if this is a real city that appeared from nowhere, and that if anyone or thing that comes down is not hostel and wants to destroy all that it sees.



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