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Classification of modern governments

Updated on January 31, 2010

Classification of modern governments

 The best and scientific classification of modern governments have been given by proffessor leacock.He has first classified governments into two broad groups autocracy or dactatorship and democracy.When the supereme governing authority in vested in the hands of one king or dictator, it is called autocratic government is arab or Afghanistan, and that of dictatorship is spain.When power is vested in the people who ultimately control the government,it is called democracy.The best example of democratic governments may be found in England and America.
Democratic governments are devided into several classes from several standpoints.The first classification of democracy may be made from the standpoints of the nature of the head of the government.if the head of a democracy is a hereditary king who reigns but does not govern, it is called a constitutional of limited monarchy; for example the government of England,but if the head of government is elected by the people, it is known as Republic;for example, the governments of America,France and India.
Secondly democracies are classified on the basis of the relation between the centere and its units;i.e. on the basis of the territorial division of powers.If all the powers of a state are in the hands of one government,it is called unitary government.The british government is one state,each with well-defined powers and fuctions fixed by the constitution, it is a federal form of government.The government of the U.S.A. represents such a government.


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