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Coming Back to HubPages

Updated on October 5, 2014

Here I am Again

It's now been over a year since I decided to say goodbye to Hub Pages, after being banned from AdSense, in a Hub titled Farewell to HubPages. Since that time I have continued mainly writing my blog, Steveso Thinks and writing some articles for Bubblews. I have earned more money from Bubblews in a few months than I could probably ever expect to earn from AdSense. I also have earned money from Amazon and Infolinks. So I actually don't need AdSense at all.

I actually did like writing Hubs, as the format was very easy and the Hub Pages community was always helpful and supportive. Since I moved from Malaysia I no longer post to my Malaysia related blog, nor do I post to a couple of others that I had started, but gave up on. I have mainly been concentrating on my Steveso Thinks blog, with occasional posts to Bubblews.

Lately, with more time on my hands I have been thinking of returning to Hub Pages for the occasional Hub. Nothing seems to have changed in the time I last submitted a Hub. One thing though that really annoys me about Hub Pages is that they insist on tying the Hub Pages Earnings Program to AdSense. You can't use Ebay and you can't use Amazon under this program, which to me is ridiculous. Fortunately I can use the External Affiliate Program with Amazon.

I know I will never get AdSense back from the unforgiving Google Almighty, but I really don't need them. I feel satisfied that I can write Hubs and advertise with Amazon without every worrying about getting rich. After all it is just a hobby being done for fun.


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