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Commercial Restroom Cleaning Schedule

Updated on August 28, 2012

Commercial Restroom Cleaning Schedule

Commercial Cleaning Schedule for Restroom Cleaning

Note: Always wear gloves for protection.

Even Safety glasses if handling strong chemicals.

1: Dust or Vacuum edges, corners, high places as needed.-Monthly or As needed

2: Clean all Glasses, Windows.-Daily

3: Refill all Tissues, Hand Towels, Seat Covers, Sani Naps,hand Soaps, and etc.-Daily

4: Empty all trash receptacles and replace liners as needed. -Daily

Note: If trash receptacle is dirty in/out side- wipe clean.

5: Spray Disinfectant Cleaner on to the towel and wipe clean all Daily dispensers to Hand Towels, Seat Covers, Sani Naps, Hand Soaps, Hand Rails, Stainless steel tops of urinals, toilets, hand door knobs and all other fixtures.

6: If the stainless steel pieces are tarnished and needing polish- As needed Use metal polisher and gently scrub to clean with a Micro Fiber Cloth or Terry Towel. After, spray either Oil base or Water based on to the terry towel or soft cloth and shine up the stainless steel pieces. Note: Do not spray oil based Aerosol stainless steel polisher directly on to the dispensers or fixtures- some mist will drop to the floor and it will cause slippage.

7: Clean walls as needed- especially under the Paper Towel Dispensers As needed or soap dispensers gets dirty, because of water drops or soap drops. Spray disinfectant cleaner over the area and gently scrub with Micro Fiber Cloth or Terry Towel to clean the area. If need to scrub little harder- use Walnut pad (6"x9") scrubbing pad (none scratch pad) to gently scrub and wipe off. Clean Restroom dividers at this time also. Weekly Spray disinfectant solution over the area and wipe off.

8: Spray disinfectant cleaner over the entire area of following items and Daily let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Note: Manufactures usually recommend 5- 10 minute dwell time for complete kill of all germs on disinfectant cleaners. Sinks, counter tops, Urinals, toilets- over, sides, and under. Wipe clean after, either clean rags or sponge.

Note; Do not use the same towel for wiping the sinks and counter tops for wiping the sides and under the toilets, and urinals and etc.

Note: Shower Rooms, Bath Tubs?

1: Try Foamy Shower and Bath tub cleaners. Spray over walls, fixtures and etc and let sit for few minutes and gently scrub with Walnut pad or White pads and rinse with clean water.

Note: If sinks, counter tops needing little bit of scrubbing?

Try creamy cleanser and gently scrub with white pad or walnut pad and rinse off with clean water.Try not to use green color scrubbing pad too much. It could scratch the surface.

Note: If you are cleaning a large public restroom and it is designed to use water hose, and has a proper drain in the restroom for proper drainage, then hose down the toilets, urinals along with the floor (only after following the step 9 and portion of #10).

9: Sweep the restroom floor thoroughly. Catch the corners and edges well. -Daily

10: Dilute disinfectant cleaner into the mop bucket according to the Manufacture's recommendations and do the final moping to finish and get out.

Note: Do not use same mop for cleaning the other areas, such as Kitchen, office hall ways and etc to mop the restroom floors. You must have a mop handle and mop head only for restroom cleaning.

Common Problems Hard water stains or soap scum's in the sink, urinals, toilets, showers, bath tubs, and etc.

If the stain is light- Try light acid restroom cleaner such as Foamy Q and A, from Spartan Chemical co. Spray over the area and let it dwell for few minutes and gently scrub with walnut or white pad and rinse with clean water.

If the stain is heavy- Try medium acid restroom cleaner such as Shooter from Dynamic Chemical Co. Apply the chemical to the area and let it sit for few minutes and gently scrub with walnut or white pad.

Note: Shooter (if you want to try using Shooter- please read the direction fully before using it), or other medium to strong acid chemicals should not be used on the polished stone surfaces- it will tarnish the surface. If you want to take the safe route- try the Bio Clean hard water deposit removers. It is safe to use on glasses, porcelains, and other items that needs no harsh chemicals. Company that makes Bio Clean, also manufactures, sealer for glasses, porcelains and Formicas and etc. Some areas in the grout may need some brushing with nylon brush to reach into the grout. Rinse off with clean water.

Note: If the stain is really heavy- You might have to repeat several times to clean up to your satisfaction. Try using Pumice Stone (only for toilets, urinals, only) along with other cleaning solutions. Mildew in the grouts If mildew area is small - Try Mildew Remover from the Store and gently scrub with walnut pad and a brush for grouts. If mildew area is reoccurring constantly- Try sealing the area after cleaning the area really well.

If want to seal the area-

1: Clean the area well- completely remove all soap scum's and mildews and wait until it is completely dry.

2: Seal the surface with Impregnator sealer. Use sponge or use brush to seal the grout completely. Seal only the area that is affected unless you would like to seal entire walls and floors.

3: Do not use 3-4 hours. Note: Do not try using Bleach until the last resort. Bleach can change colors on many surfaces, such as painted surfaces, Formica tops, wood surface and especially do not use it near the carpeted area.

Carpet color will be damaged permanently, if bleach is use on it or dropped.

Note: You must read all information on the bottle of each chemical company's direction and caution notes before using.

Note: Always try a small area for testing, before doing a large area.

For more information like this, please visit our home website at:


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