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hubpages writing and Commuting

Updated on December 20, 2010

Commuting with Hubpages

 Commuting to and from work is very tedious at the best of times and now the nights are drawing in i found travelling up and down the M1 in the dark rather depressing.Five weeks ago i joined hubpages and that has changed my outlook on commuting and has made me realise i need to utilise my 4 hours of travel instead of them being a complete waste of time.So out with the Music CDs and time to get inspiration for my hubs!!!

I now have a voice recorder and record my thoughts throughout the journey and use this for when writing up my future hubs.Sometimes i will just have a few titles for hubs and other times i will have the beginnings of a hub but it all helps to inspire me.Unfortunately my commute is in the car and not the train because then i could actually publish my hubs on hubpages from my laptop.But i find that once i have got a idea then i can add to that throughout my journey this can add more content and reason to the hub im writing instead of maybe rushing and publishing a hub for the sake of it.Also before i had my voice recorder i would have many thoughts going through my mind but then on reaching my destination i realised that the car that sat in the middle lane and refused to move over had annoyed me and everyone else so much that i had actually forgotten the great hub i had thought about,and do i really want to write about people hogging the middle lane of the M1 hmmmm no i do not!!!!

How i get inspired for my Hubs

My hubpages inspiration comes from many places but here are a few ideas that i personally find useful.

  • Ask questions on hubpages and see what gets people commenting it doesn't mean that your hub will necessarily be a successful one but people thoughts and inputs will help you in putting your hub together
  • Alternatively answer a  question on hubpages and if you find it interesting and you feel you can add sufficient thought and input then turn it into a hub
  • i like to listen to radio phone in shows, like everyone else i have an opinion on the subject being covered and i find this can inspire a hub also.
  • Of course everyone has a eureka moment every now and again this can be the start of a great hub
  • Real life experiences are great to write about and will always interest others
  • Places you have travelled too as well interests people especially if you have hints and tips for people travelling to the same destination
  • Just observing people and their mannerisms and how people behave can really get the writing juices flowing as well

The list can go on but try not to write for the sake of getting the number of hubs published higher try to keep good quality at the start and when published you can always revisit and add to it.After a while you tend to get into your style of writing and people will follow you and this will inspire you to continue and if someone is reading your hubs on a subject their not particularly interested in but because they like your style of writing then that's a real bonus


writing with hubpages

Improving exisitng hubs

On each of my commutes i always have one of my hubpage titles on a post it note in the car and think of anything i can add to the hub to improve it.

Sometimes i will add a few words to a hub and this alone can make a real difference to the traffic reaching my hubs and in turn hopefully get people looking at my other hubs as well.i have also found that there are certain hubs that just will not get the traffic so no matter what you do. You always have to bear in mind the amount of competition out there, so if your writing about a popular subject that everyone else is writing about its not realistic always to think that you will get on the first page of google when someone searches for it.

I always find it facinating looking at my hubpages account and find there is no better feeling than seeing those red up arrows after you have done a few changes to your hub it makes it all worth while.

So although i really don't enjoy my commute i have found it a great way to get inspired for my hubs.I also find that because i cant actually get typing while driving and believe me there are probably people who have tried because they talk, text, eat 3 course meals and drinking cans of beer while driving and yes i have seen this it gets good quality hub thoughts going through my mind so when i do get in front of my laptop i can get my ideas down into a hub and hope for the following 3 things

  1. People who read my hub enjoy it and give feedback
  2. The hub gets traffic to it
  3. And most importantly I'm happy with the hub

So this is how my hubpages writing is helped by my commute to work up and down the dreaded M1 .I hope some of my thoughts can help and inspire you!!


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