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Confessions of a HubPages Pimp

Updated on September 2, 2016
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Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

I hereby confess....

Forgive me HubPages, but I must confess. I am a pimp. I am a sinner.

I have been a pimp for many months now.

I have corrupted innocent friends who are now also pimps.

I have attracted a fanatical following of pimps and they are prime pimpers.

Each and every day they impress me with new moves and techniques they exhibit to flourish with their pimping abilities.

Proud Pimp...

Am I proud to be a pimp? Heck, yes! We gots to do what we gots to do to succeed in the hubbing community. Unlike other pimps I usually do my work during the day. I have a posse of pimps who cover my night-shifts and they cover all the corners! We stay off the streets and work out of our homes, which is a safer environment. You never know what you could catch out there! Some of us work from our phones and perform acts that way. This real cool cat named Steve Jobs has provided us pimps with ample options to get the job done. There are other cats out there who have also given us options, but I consider them second rate. Just sayin' my peeps.

Are you out pimping?
Are you out pimping? | Source

Is this legit?

Pimping is legal! Trust me on this one! There is no jail time or need for a bail bondsman! Soliciting is mandatory, how else would you find your next customer! It's a simple process...I pimp you and you pimp me! We are both happy customers! Just hook each other up with a few clicks here and there and the job is done! I am too legit to quit, gots to keep each other motivated with finding different areas to find more action! Pimping is not all about "show me the money" even though for the right price you'll do anything...but with my pimping there's never a fee. No commission either. It's all about helping out a friend in need. It's about doing the deed. Pimping is a service that we call upon a girl or guy to do. Whether it's Madam or John! Just get 'er done.


As we all know too much of a good thing is never really good. Sharing a hub is a compliment to our creation. We are proud of our article and would like to share it with our family and friends. We appreciate feedback. We would like our voices to be heard. This is all good.

Spamming fellow hubbers is never a good thing. Suffocating your peers with your own work is annoying. It's frustrating. Spamming is a perfect way to get yourself unfollowed and ignored. Occasionally sharing your work is expected. Sharing your work every few minutes isn't.

Think of sharing as your personality. Would you constantly brag about yourself? The majority of us wouldn't. The minority would and this flaw is their issue, don't make it yours.

Pimp yourself and pimp your fellow hubbers in moderation. Be a leader and not a follower. Happy Hubbing!

"Pimp My Hub"

In order to pimp you must really have the desire. You must be passionate about it. There is no turning back once you start because it becomes an addiction. You crave the views you get and enjoy getting hit on! It's all about the numbers! Here's how I pimp....

  • On Facebook! If you write a hub about a celeb or musician, like their group and pimp away!
  • Google+ your hubs and share your followers hubs! We all like to be "plus oned"!
  • Twitter ... when tweeting a hub use a #hubpages so it shows up as a trending topic and in twitter searches! You could also tweet with a @ if you are following a topic or person you are tweeting about. Such as I wrote a hub on Keith Urban, when I tweet it I do so as @keithurban so that it goes to his timeline and hopefully one day he will respond! Wishful thinking.
  • Add links to your hubs! Links of fellow hubbers who have written similar hubs. I've noticed that a hub looks more polished when the links relate to a hub plus it's the HubPage Law.
  • Use Stumpled Upon and pimp away ...
  • Digg ... I digg you and you digg me! Simple!
  • Email a link of your hub to friends, family, enemies ....
  • MySpace is not a place of the past! For those who write music hubs, I highly recommend it! Since Justin Timberlake (Nsync) bought into the website it's doing very well! I pimp my music hubs there and have got hit on! The views are spectacular also!
  • Create your own business cards! I carry mine around and since I'm known to be a bit of a talker I might happen to mention an article or two and then BAM my card is in their pocket!
  • Create a T-Shirt with your web domain on it! "" make sure the letters glow in case you are ever standing on a corner under a streetlight you will be noticed!
  • Make a comment! On HubPages! Come on, pay attention! Comment on a hubbers hub so it will then be in your HubPages newsfeed for one of your followers to notice. Who doesn't like to be noticed! No fee is required either!
  • Share your fellow hubbers hubs by clicking on the "share with followers" link! Yes, we do share each other on HubPages. It's all about teamwork! Protection is optional in case you share a bit too much!
  • While commenting on a hub happen to mention a fellow hubber who you think might interest the writer. Who knows maybe they will hook up and give you a....
  • Pin a hub on Pinterest! You pin me and I'll pin you!
  • SHOUT-OUT which is always appreciated!

Pimp Juice by Nelly ... Proceed with caution!

Pimping aka Sharing

After you have pimped your creative works of art and your followers works of art you lay back with a huge smile on your face.

You have successfully satisfied the needs of yourself and of others. You are now an official pimp! Happy pimping!

Are you a pimp?

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© 2012 Linda Bilyeu


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