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Connect with Vodpod to earn additional revenue with adsense

Updated on August 8, 2011

Earn Money

Just another free resources to increase your chances of earning money online with the Adsense Program.
Just another free resources to increase your chances of earning money online with the Adsense Program. | Source

Earn Additional Adsense Revenue with Free Vodpod

People join Hubpages for many different reasons. It's a wonderful community of Hubbers who enjoy sharing their life's experiences, sharing their knowledge on a particular subject and then there are Hubbers like myself who joined to earn revenue with google adsense.

My main niche here at Hubpages is to increase my revenue earnings with google adsense. I also use Hubpages to introduce to it's members who share my interest different avenues to earn income online with google adsense. I have come across another free way to increase my google adsense income. Vodpod.

On October 4 TH, 2009 I joined Vodpod. Wow. I already have Vodpod videos on my websites and blogs.

Vodpod shares their google adsense revenue with it's members. Vodpod will show your google adsense ads on 50% of video plays. Excellent.

Vodpod works like this. Click Here to create a FREE account. Sign in then scroll down to the bottom of the page and tick "widgets" under the features section. Go to "Advanced Setup" to choose a style, category/tag, create a title and then under "video window setup" choose "popup/includes ads". Submit in the field your "Adsense Publisher ID". Final step tick "Save". Scroll back up to where you copy the created HTML code under "Grab the code and go" and paste that code into your blog or website.

Here are two examples of where I placed the code within my blog and website. Take a minute to visit to see for yourself.

Become a Craigslist Master

I use YouTube Videos with Vodpod

The way I use Vodpod is I import my YouTube Videos to Vodpod. Vodpod helps me easily add HTML code to my blogs and websites to promote my YouTube Videos. It's a wonderful great free service. I hope you enjoy it.


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