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Create More Hubs on a Topic | Do niche Writing | Increase Visitors substantially

Updated on May 30, 2011

Online writing should be done on a topic about which you are experienced. When you write for a topic you really know and have lot to share, the writing comes to you. You write in a way that your readers understands but when you try to write about a topic about which you have researched on the internet just to gather a set of target audience then also it shows.

Today’s internet audience is very intelligent and as well as the search engine algorithms, they can weed out the original writing from others within an instant. So start with what you really know.

Take my advice, you will really feel good when you write something which comes from within.

As a new Hubber

This site is rated well by Google that is why the HubPages articles are at the top of the Google search page. Now you have joined this site, you must not let the community down cause it will also prove bad for you as well.

Please follow these advices and  if you are new to this blogging thing then they are must,

1.    You know correctly and will definitely prove helpful.

2.    Your pages first motive should be to help your visitors.

3.    You should leave the SEO, Keyword Optimisation techniques at bay for at least 10 of your hubs; concentrate more on the quality of the content and establishing yourself as a reputable writer online. Because there are lots of writers and I mean really lots of them are available online, just look around the HubPages community and you will see for yourself.

Benefits of Niche Writing

Following are the importance of niche writing for an online writer and more for a new one trying to make a mark

·         Help you establish yourself as a reputable writer. Your readers start to rely on your advice. This is helpful in gathering a loyal reader base.

·         It surely gives you more internet real estate and hence more chances of clicks on more hubs.

·         Visitors start taking you seriously

·         On Page search engine optimization and interlinking between the articles are checked and indexed by search spiders. Good for S.E.O

These are some of the important ones and more you shall discover as you get practical guys.

Have a great writing experience.


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    • BlogJournal profile image

      BlogJournal 6 years ago from Blogosphere

      Hey kimmi take it slow.

      You will grow with time.

      Online blogging is vast and is very deep so it will get some time before you get accustomed and make a mark, but when you get through you will be great.


    • kimmi32401 profile image

      kimmi32401 6 years ago from Panama City, FL

      This is very useful information. I am scattered all over the place, so it is difficult for me to focus on one topic, but once I've written on a few, hopefully I will discover a niche and mostly build upon it.