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Creating Great Hubs (or Other Webpages) About Anything

Updated on June 30, 2013

Can anyone make a great hub (or other webpage) or do you have to be a great writer?

While a web content producer (whether they consider themselves a writer or not) doesn't have to be a great writer to create great pages about anything, they do have to be a decent writer, they have to be willing to work at it, and they need to do some research (preferably not online).

What Makes a Great Hub?

The first step to creating great pages or great hubs is identifying what makes a good or great hub. These things will differ from topic to topic and person to person, but they can be identified by a variety of traits.

  1. Have something to say. There are a lot of pages out there that have nothing to say. They can be short, overly repeatitive, or dull.
  2. Write your best. I doubt anyone sets out to write bad pages, but you need to write your best to create good or great pages. You should double check spelling and grammar as well as read through to make sure your page makes sense.
  3. Give it several sections. It is important that your hub (or other page) is as complete as possible. Cram it full of information. Don't just skim the surface, but rather dig in deep. Break this up so that it is easy to read by skimming (something most Internet readers are often guilty of).
  4. Add resources. Other resources might be good links, products, pictures, video clips, RSS or News feeds. It really depends on the topic, but no mater what you should add resources to give your page depth.
  5. Be willing to do research, offline. You want your pages to have unique content. Because of this, it isn't a good idea just to copy what others have written online and call it your own (which is plagerism anyway). Instead, learn about topics you are writing about, even if they don't particularly interest you and you don't feel passionate about it.

Passion Verses Abilities

The things we are passionate about or that we deal with in our everyday lives are the easiest things to write about. After all, we have hands on experience with these things. We know about them and it is easier to translate that knowledge into good writing. However, there are times when it would be beneficial for us to write about something that we know little about or are definitely not passionate about.

When a writer chooses to do this, he or she is expanding their world. They are making it possible for them to share knowledge that they gain and to do it in a way that can be profitable and worth their time. However, it means they will have to work harder to get the good writing flowing. They should do adequate research, then take a little extra time to write and edit their piece.

Self Editing

It is important that as you put your works together you are editing them. It isn't always easy to edit your own work because it is easiest to read it as you intended rather then to read it as it is. If you struggle with this there are some things you can do to create better pieces.

  1. Take a break. Give yourself a little time in between writing a page and editing it. This will let your mind get off of it and see what's out there. You can leave it unpublished and come back in an hour or even day or two. Read through it, fix it, and then publish it. You can also do this by writing two pieces at one time. Write each and then edit the first and publish it. Then edit the second and publish that one.
  2. Use your resources but don't rely on them. Use the spell check and or grammar check of the programs that you use. However, don't depend on them to catch everything. They can and do miss important mistakes.
  3. Practice. I was once told that practice makes perfect. Perfect might be a long way away from where most of us are. However, practice has been proven to help people in all sorts of activities. Writing and editing are definitely two that practice can help out.

Keep Moving Forward

No matter how good of a writer you are, there will be articles or pages that you create that are duds. Keep moving forward when this happens. You can try again with the same subject or a totally new one. But no matter what you do, you have to keep moving forward. Keep writing, keep practicing, and use things that you know already or are willing to learn about. You can use your library as an excellent source for writing topics!


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  • Benson Yeung profile image

    Benson Yeung 

    10 years ago from Hong Kong

    great hub. everyone else should read this. not me, of course, as I obviously know this all already.

  • Athlyn Green profile image

    Athlyn Green 

    10 years ago from West Kootenays

    I've found that by continuing to add content to my Hubs, my page views increase.

    Your remarks about sections are apt, too, because when you use multiple text boxes, Google ads are placed between these, right at a good eye level for readers.

    RSS and news Feeds are also valuable: RSS Feeds shine a spotlight on related blogs or articles, while the news updates constantly, which adds fresh content to Hubs and captures web spiders attention.

    The links capsule is another item to include in with your Hubs. Your readers then have resources at their fingertips in one convenient location, which makes it more likely that they'll bookmark the Hub and return.

  • Rod Beglerf profile image

    Rod Beglerf 

    10 years ago from Moving accross Europe

    Good job, greate answer to my request. I particularly like your point about offline research.

  • privateye2500 profile image


    10 years ago from Canada, USA, London

    Everybody on Hub needs to read this - man there are a lot of downright BAD what they try to call HUBS in here!

  • CheryleJ profile image


    10 years ago from NEW JERSEY

    Thanks for sharing this. I want to make my hubs more insightful and appealing. I will definately take your advice.


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