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Gentle Huge Hands

Updated on September 25, 2009

Developing a Hub Page

I've taken the 30 day challenge for writing hubs. Therefore, I have to write something today. For some strange reason I'm lost for words, topics, and creative writing. It doesn't always come easy.

To begin, it's best to write notes during the day when a topic comes to mind or else you'll be left trying to figure out what to write. Try not to let the day go by without a word or phrase to expound upon later.

Writing Juices

It could be that my writing juices aren't flowing, because I have too much on my mind. I've been advised by another writer that I should limit my topics to two or three. Of course, that makes it more challenging to focus on a limited number of topics and what to write that is meaningful.

I'm here hoping something will surface and get my juices to flowing. Right now my husband is rubbing my shoulders with his warm hands and that is distracting me from a topic that could have surfaced. Hey, I'm going to go with the flow.

The Touch of His Hands

First of all his hands are very large. His pinkie finger is size 11 and his wedding band finger is 14. He just said, "You're writing about my fat fingers." I assured him I love his large hands and to take it as a compliment when others notice and comment on his large fingers.

We had guest over for dinner on Sunday At the dinner table his hands was a subject of great discussion. Our guest couldn't believe his ring finger is size 14. My daughter, who loves to talk about her dad's hands went and got his wedding band. (He typically takes off his rings when he comes in from work - maybe it's to relieve his finger muscles from lifting the huge, heavy ring). The female guest put on his ring and was shocked at how large it was. She even proceeded to put it on as a bracelet. Everyone just looked at him as he modeled his hands by raising and turning them so all could see.

I believe he's proud of these body parts which get lots of attention. Yes, I enjoy each of his fingers as they massage my body. If fact, my voluptuous body is evident of what large hands can do. I truly believe my huge breasts are a direct result of his massages. That's alright. We've been married 32 years, and I've enjoyed and relished his warm sensual touch.

Looks like I found a topic after all. The touch of his warm hands started my juices to flowing. I hope you enjoyed reading this topic as much as I enjoyed writing it. "Gotta go get my full body massage."


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      polymyalgia 8 years ago from Ellisville, MO

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