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Crossed the mark of 10,000 page views: Lessons learnt and advices for the new hubbers

Updated on August 29, 2012

When first time I saw the accolade of crossing the landmark of 10,000 page views first thing which came to my mind that it could have achieved much before if I would have not done some very common mistakes. But now nothing to complain and nothing to regret as all is well that ends well. Although this is not the end as I have some bigger goals for me on the hubpages. Every second I am spending on this site is bringing out a more mature and thoughtful writer from inside me.

Before hubpages, I was an active member of Indiastudychannel, an online revenue sharing site similar to the hubpages. Once in the forum discussion of Indiastudychannel, there was a discussion upon different revenue sharing sites on internet. It was this discussion which prompted me to explore hubpages. From my very first visit I was spellbound to the hubpages and I noticed that I have better earning potential here.

My very first and only reason to join hubpages was to earn money and that too with appreciating pace. Due to this reason, I have done many mistakes and experiments. After the six months of joining and 10000 page views under my kitty I have realized all my mistakes and can say that now understands completely that what hubpages all about. Here I am sharing my experience with hubpages and advices for the new hubbers.


Do frequently interaction with fellow hubbers to get noticed

Always remember that hubpages is a community with thousands of talented writers which are ready to help and guide others. Alone you can’t go very far on hubpages; for getting noticed you have to interact with other hubbers either by commenting on hubs, interacting in forum section or by showing your presence in the question answer section.

Remember that without commenting and just focusing on the writing will make you stand alone the great population of hubpages. What will be the use of writing a content rich hub if there is no one around you to appreciate it? Also by becoming an active member of the community will fetch you ton of traffic to your hubs also.


Focus on quality instead of quantity on the hubpages

Remember that in the online world only content is the king. More you will write on unique and content rich hubs better are the chances for you to be in the list of successful writers. Many new hubbers try to write as many hubs as they can at a very fast pace without focusing on the quality. This not only decreases their hubber score but also has no use as will not be able to attract readers anywhere. Here I don’t mean that you should not write much, infact if you have content rich hubs then you must publish it as frequently as you can. My only concern is the blind race for the number of hubs without focusing on the quality of hubs.

A low quality hub not only decreases the reputation of the hub but also is hard work done for nothing.


Try to write multiple hubs around a same niche for better traffic

Remember, here I am not saying that you should write all your articles on a single niche; you can own as much niche as you wish but the golden rule is that you should have plenty of articles under your kitty on that particular niche. Now the question comes what will be the benefits of following a particular niche? There are lots of benefits of the same:

a) If you will have multiple articles around a niche there will be better chances that you can interlink them by giving links from one article to other. It ultimately will result in more traffic and more revenue.

b) Your readers will get to know that you have better command over this particular topic so will increase your creditability as an author.

c) Search engines will also start accepting you as an expert of your niche and will start indexing you higher in the search results. The better the ranking of your hubs in the search engines more will be the chances of revenue.


Don’t forget to edit your previously written hubs frequently

This is the commonest mistake most of the hubbers do on the hubpages. Most of us write a hub and just wait for the traffic just by looking at the statistics. Remember that there is always a chance of improvement in every hub. Make a habit of editing your at least 1 or two hubs every week. The best way to improve your hubs is to ask for your fellow hubbers to have a read on your hub and help you in editing. Hubbers here are very helpful and friendly who will help you for sure, but don’t forget to payback when some other fellow hubber ask for the same.

You can improve your hubs either in the selection of better keywords, grammar, some silly mistakes or for better writing style.


Focus on the mass audience but write for a single reader

Yes I do mean it! Whenever you write a hub always keep in mind that what would be your reaction while reading this hub online? I am sure more you will focus on the reader friendliness of your content better will be the chances for attaining readership for your articles. Writing by understanding the expectations of the readers will definitely fetch you thousands and even millions of readers.

Remember that being an online writer your first duty is to satisfy your readers. So, always focus on humans while writing your hubs and search engine will definitely follow you. Online writing is all about quality and only those can survive who can give satisfaction to their readers. Your readers will only recognize your work if it had something worthy and useful for them.


Always stay motivated and do motivate others

Remember that hubpages is not a money machine which will ponder lots of dollars on you in a single night. Instead it requires lots of patience and continuous hard work to grow as a author at hubpages. To travel such long journey it’s indispensible that one should remains motivated in the entire journey of online writing. There will definitely come stages when one will frustrated or exhausted during his course of online writing but remember that it’s only the initial period which will test your patience. But once you started earning on the hubpages it will become a permanent source of your part-time income.

For me motivation is a mutual process; it’s very difficult to travels the boat of motivation alone but if you have few more voyagers with you it will not be hard nut to crack. So do motivate other hubbers and definitely you will also feel motivated with their positive energy.


So in the nutshell of my experience, I will only say that hubpages is a wonderful community to grow as an online writer. The only thing you have to do is that write frequently content rich hubs and do connected with other fellow hubbers. Hubpages is a mutual community in which you will not go much far if will travel alone.

So now its your turn to let me know your thinking; do make a comment below and I will be happy enough to interact with you by comments.


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    • amanthkr01 profile imageAUTHOR

      Aman Thakur 

      5 years ago from India

      @karrin86 Thanks for standing by to read anf voting up the hub.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 

      5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Useful and informative, aman. Voted as such. Thanks for sharing.

    • karrin86 profile image


      5 years ago

      Very useful information here...thumbs up!

    • amanthkr01 profile imageAUTHOR

      Aman Thakur 

      5 years ago from India

      Thanks for the appreciation whalefeather2

    • whalefeather2 profile image


      5 years ago

      Very informative. Will keep the advice in mind. Thanks!!


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