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My DVD Collection

Updated on January 30, 2014

Another Movie Collection Page

Since I've made a page about all my other collections, I might as well make one about the DVDs I own. Not a very extensive list right now, but, I'm working on it. Trying to convert all your old VHS tapes to DVD can take quite some time. Sometimes, you can't even find them anywhere.

My DVD List

A List Of My DVDs

1. Oz: Seasons 1 through 6, 2. Dark Angel: Both Seasons, 3. Braveheart, 4. Grease, 5. House On Haunted Hill (New Version), 6. Needful Things, 7. Cabin Fever, 8. Hard To Hold, 9. Dreamcatcher, 10. The Mummy I, 11. The Mummy II, 12. Highlander - Director's Cut, 13. Highlander 2 - The Renegade Version, 14. The Crow, 15. The Breakfast Club, 16. Seven, 17. Dirty Dancing Ultimate Edition, 18. Cinderella Man, 19. Full Metal Jacket, 20. Frequency, 21. Platoon, 22. Men In Black I, 23. Men In Black II, 24. Pet Sematary, 25. The Condemned (Stone Cold Steve Austin), 26. The Shawn Michaels Story, 27. The Self-Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior, 28. Tombstone - History Of The Undertaker, 29. Born To Controversy - The Roddy Piper Story, 30. The Twisted, Disturbed Life Of Kane, 31. The Scorpion King, 32. Walking Tall (The Rock), 33. See No Evil (Kane), 34. The Marine (Unrated) (John Cena), 35. Creepy Crawlers, 36. The Devil's Rejects, 37. Underworld, 38. The Stand, 39. Tales Of Terror (10 Movies), 40. Fright Night ( 10 Movies), 41. Vault Of Horror (10 Movies), 42. Blade Runner - The Director's Cut

43. The Legacy Of Stone Cold Steve Austin 44. The Happening 45. Bonnie And Clyde 46. Tales From The Crypt/Vault Of Horror 47. Four Classic Sci-Fi Movies 48. Kingdom Hospital: The Complete Series 49. The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor 50. Four Horror Movies: Pumpkinhead II/Leprechaun/Wishmaster I/Wishmaster II 51. Three Horror Movies: Tales From The Darkside, Graveyard Shift, and April Fool's Day 52. Jeff Dunham: Insanity 53. Hart And Soul: The Hart Family Anthology 54. Silent Hill 55. The Greatest American Hero: The Complete First Season

I love knowing when people visit. Let me know you were here.

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