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December 2012: Hubpages AD Program Earnings And Google Adsense Earnings

Updated on December 22, 2012

My Earnings

I decided to write this hub to give people an idea of how much I have earned from the Hubpages AD Program and Google Adsense. In this Hub, I am only going to discuss my Adsense earnings that I have made with Hubpages and WebAnswers. With that said, if you are interested in how much money I have made so from from Google Adsense and the Hubpages AD program, then continue to read on.

Hubpages AD Program

I am pleased with my Hubpages AD Program earnings. I didn't hit the minimum payout threshold for the month of December but I am halfway there, and there are still more than 8 days left in December, so by the end of December I predict that I will be more than halfway to reaching the $50 payout threshold. Keep in mind that I barely did any work on Hubpages for the month of December, so I still made money even though I did not publish many Hubs nor was I really active.

Adsense Earnings

As far as my Adsense earnings, I have earned enough to receive a check from Google. I will not say how much I made exactly but it was over $100. Do not forget that I am only discussing money I have made (with Adsense) on Hubpages as well as WebAnswers.

I have made around $200 between Adsense (WebAnswers and Hubpages) and the Hubpages AD program, and that is only for the month of December 2012.

I believe that there is still money to be made from Hubpages as well as WebAnswers. I enjoy writing and reading Hubs and I enjoy answering questions on WebAnswers, and I rarely pay attention to how much money I am making with WebAnswers. My advice to anybody reading this is to keep on writing and stay focus because there is money to still be made online, and that includes money to be made on Hubpages as well as WebAnswers.


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    • Seema Misra profile image

      Seema Misra 4 years ago from Bangalore, India

      This is an encouraging post. I have recently joined hub pages, and one of my main concerns is if I can actually make money here.