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Discover.Grow, Share your gift

Updated on July 9, 2015

Discover.Grow then Share your Gift

I watch the ever familiar movie the "Wizard of Oz". I so enjoy it. I "get the message" I wonder do most viewers of the movie get the real message.


First the obvious answer. What you are searching for is already with your grasp. What you need and want you already have.

The more subtle message. We need someone else to convince us. We need someone we think is intelligent(all knowing even) to tell us and show us we are special and we can achieve our goals. (What a message for teachers)

We all have a GIFT (or Gifts). The saddest of all scenarios is that some of us will live and DIE and never discover what our true gift is. It is key to a meaningful life that we discover our TRUE gift. This is not as easy as it may (at first) seem. How does one discover one's TRUE gift.


More often than not people will tell you "you are good at that". And more often than not it will fall on deaf ears. again LISTEN. (YOU WILL BEGIN TO HEAR). What many do not understand is, a collection of "negative experiences" may even be a gift. Your "negative experiences and (how you survive them) may help tens of thousands avoid those troubles and/or survive those troubles.


you must endeavor to GROW your gift. Once discovered, exercise that muscle. Get involve in making it better. If your gift is singing. SING. Even if only in the shower. I once meet Alex Haley (Author of "ROOTS). His sage advice was "WRITE". Do not be concern with it did not get published. He said never get discouraged. Keep writing was his advice. He said that if you ever do "make it".,publishers will want everything you have ever written ( and you want THAT INVENTORY to be huge)


It want your life to be meaningful SHARE your gift. Inform. Teach. Share. Help Others. VOLUNTEER. All are of value. All people have problems. all at one time or another need a helping hand. Your sharing may inspire someone, motivate someone, or even save a life


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