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Do Affiliate Programs Work

Updated on March 9, 2011

Author: W. K. Hayes

Looking for an honest answer!


            At first, I didn’t think nothing of it but after taking an in depth look at Affiliate programs, I have come to see two valuable lessons unfolding right before my eyes.

            In my desire to be successful at Affiliate Marketing, I signed up with over five hundred advertisers. Then, I built a host of websites to place all the banner ads in. Once that was done, I moved on to making online 3D videos to showcase the websites. I also made sure to update my websites on Facebook and I manually submitted the websites to search engines.

            Now, here’s the two big problems I am having. One, I’m getting spam from many of the advertisers I signed up with although many of them are very recognizable names and should know better. Literally, I will, get over a hundred pieces are junk mail from these companies that has absolutely nothing to do with the affiliate program, itself.

            The second part is this…the affiliate program I use shows where there has been a sale, click and impressions that it keeps a track of. I’ve had a few hundred impressions but not a single sale and a handful of clicks.

            Being unfamiliar with what an Impression is, I looked it up. Seems that an impression is where a person will follow the link but not buy anything. That seemed reasonable enough and so, I bit the bullet and let it go for about five days.

            Nevertheless, something kept eating at me about the whole system and soon enough, I realized what the problem was. If a person on your site, clicks on the link it opens up the advertisers website in a new window.

            Now, in that window, the person clicks on the links for products and then moves on to either buying or not buying anything. That is when it hit me. If the person clicked on my link which simply takes them to the website, then how is the person movements on that website tracked from there?

            Seriously, the tracker within the HTML you post in the ad only leads them to the website. However, that tracking code would become null and void just as soon as the person clicks on another link, within the advertiser’s website, would it not?

            Ultimately, the only way I will get real answers to these question is by asking those that work with affiliate marketing programs. So, if you have experience at this, let the rest of us know whether or not we’re actually getting work done or, are we working for free?

            Honestly, I am not looking for get-rich schemes and I really don’t have time to waste on working for free. Still, before I kill off the program and move on, I want to know if there is any basis in using HTML banners to make extra money on the side.

            I’m well aware of Google Adsense and Kontera and I have heard positive things about them. Truthfully, pay-per-click sounds far better than getting a percentage off of sales. Still, if the banners actually do work and are programmed to track the customer, from start to finish, on the advertiser’s websites, then I’ll be more patient.

            However, if my programming theory is right, I want to know so I can ditch the whole process and focus more on novels, weblogs and free-lance writing to keep myself busy.

            Obviously, I could have tried looking this up among the weblogs to get an answer but everything I have read about affiliate marketing, has left me without an answer to this particular question.

            Ultimately, I want to know, am I being used to advertise other companies or will I get paid because the system does work as it is purported as doing? Thank you for reading my long-winded question. I will make sure to add the answer to this question while giving credit to the person with an honest answer, once I have one.

             Once more, I tried to look online to get an honest answer and all I got was hype and definitions. If you have had actual success with learning the truth about this, please share it with the rest of us. Also, if you know the HTML Tracking Code answer ...please let us know about that too! before I tear down two weeks worth of work, I relaly want to know if Affiliate marketing works as it should.

            Thanks and have a great day!


 After doing more research and learning more about affiliate programs,it was discovered that they do work. Still, how well they work is reliant on the person using them. Bear this in mind when you sign up for affiliate programs and chose those programs that work best with your work!


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