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Clickbank pay Scam

Updated on June 25, 2017

Making money with Clickbank

Click is a well known topic and I have gotten many requests online from people like yourselves basically looking for answers from affiliates program. These people claim to be able to view great track records in the reports section of accounts,meaning lots of hops/visits but report seeing nothing in the earnings tab. How can you get over 2000 hops to a affiliates ad but not a single purchase? I cant honestly say that i know what is going on with this because the number of people reporting this is generally growing and I am very concerned at this point.

For many of you that do not know what click is, It is one of the largest and most popular affiliate/vendor programs online. While others claim to generate a income using this program there are many who have recently started reports of no sales but plenty visits to hop links for their accounts. I have written the company to get the scoop on why this is happening recently.

The email I have got from click regarding this subject is as follows, it was stated that the problem could simply be the hop link is broken,meaning incorrect. Actually that's all I got out of the associate. But how could the link be incorrect when it was created on click itself?

There are numerous things you can expect and I have pretty much narrowed them down to 3 things.

1. If the hop link is broken,how are these people able to see how many visits to this link in their analytics report?

2. Why is the website alway every 4 or 5 days reporting technical issues or other problems?

3. Are the vendors really paying what they claim to their affiliates?

I have never personally used programs such as Click but it has been my experience that most major companies can eventually become disruptive and because nobody does the research anymore,millions of people can be taken advantage of. I'm here to make sure that no longer happen so I need a little help to answer the given questions,help from those who actually use click would be great but only if you have been paid and a sample link to a vendor you have created hop links for, No scammers and no click employees need reply to this hub click pay scam. We want to hear from successful members.

Affiliate Programs,Its all about the Money

Generate Free Traffic that actually purchases from your affiliate links

If you want to generate online traffic that will actually purchase from your affiliate links you may want to try traffic exchange,please know that not all traffic exchange will generate sales leads for you because it is just what it is traffic exchange. Millions of people go on traffic exchange websites everyday to generate sales leads but all they do is get many clicks to sites without sales to back up the clicks,this may be whats going on with the click situation,no real leads. While some traffic exchange sites require you to visit a ad anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds it may be a waste of time if the people who visit your ad generally have no interest and are competing against the clock without even reading your ad,but then there are other sites that do work,the other exchange sites have stricter rules and require you to read ads in general because you will be questioned from each ad,I like the traffic exchange sites that run the questions because its a no cheat system.

If you own any type of online Business you need quality traffic both paid and free,but the free traffic sounds so much better doesnt it?


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    • profile image

      Tracey Marketer 

      7 years ago

      I've only just started Affiliate marketing, I bought some space on a well know social network (FB) and started advertising. I had over 300,000 impressions and more than 50 clicks, but no sales.- This does not include all the other article stuff (tonnes more) that I have advertised for other business owners. the 30g impressions where a very small snapshot of my work. This is why I am looking on blogs to find out what the answer is. I dont know, but the saying 'something is rotten in Denmark' springs to mind.

      I have scrupulously copied all the hoplinks from Clickbank. I can even see my articles and they come up listed in ggl. So where are my sales and commissions?

    • profile image

      Scam Review 

      8 years ago

      Clickbank is a well-known, well run company that allows anyone to sell digital products online. All the products sold on Clickbank must provide instant access to purchases, so people can get their purchase within seconds of making the purchase. Their business model has allowed some well known personalities to become wealthy online, simply by selling a product on Clickbank.

    • profile image


      9 years ago from Leeds

      Hi all, I have think that a lot of products on Clickbank are not set set up correctly to start with by the vendor. Clickbank will now generate you a fully encrypted hoplink but if you affiliate through the actual vendors site, they only provide basic affiliate links that anyone can change. My advice would be to always allow Clickbank to create the affiliate hoplink. In some cases I just don't trust the vendor  or the product. Please see my hub for more details.

    • brandonfowler66 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      Someone stated that they recieved 986 page impressions in a 1 1/2 week period to 1 link,so can anyone explain that(not a single purchase) just 986 page impressions,links were accurate affiliate id and username in the right place,this had to a very unpopular link subject or it never intended a payout

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I have bought click bank accountant, its a good product overall, you can readmy review here =>>

    • Johnyboy profile image


      9 years ago

      I will add to the "cause" list of Clickbank of not getting the affiliate commisions, the lack of understanding how actually the hop link work. I saw alot of people linking with the final code like: ...which is obviously wrong.

      The right way would be

      But some people missunderstand this. So it is obviously not clickbank's fault.


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