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Does HubPages Need A Mentoring Program - An Opinion

Updated on June 28, 2015
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"Lisa HW" (a derivative of the pen name, "Lisa H. Warren") has been writing online since 2005, and on HubPages since 2007.

Isn't There Already Enough Help On HubPages?

The following opinion about a mentoring program on HubPages is in response to a HubPages forum post in which someone asked if it would be possible for HubPages to have a mentoring program. I don't really know who the individual raising the issue had in mind with regard to who may need a mentor on this site and who would want to be one; but my immediate response regarding either is that nobody who is old enough to write on this site, who cares about earning at least some money by writing here, or at least who hopes to contribute something that isn't "junk", doesn't need a mentor.

Here's the forum post for other takes on this discussion:

This isn't intended to come across like a "riot act"; but being ridiculously snowed in (and it is still coming down), I have nothing better to do (or that I'm in the mood to do) than offer my own "angle" on the subject of mentoring. It's not intended to "shoot down" what some other people may think is a good idea (or what may, for all I know, actually be a good idea for some people).

In the "Scheme of History" , As Well As the "Scheme of All Writing/Publishing", Internet-Writing Platforms Are Still A Relatively (RELATIVELY) New and Ever-Evolving Thing; So Even Relatively "Modern" Institutional/Social Thinking and Concepts Can Be As Out-Dated/Out-of-Place As Anything Else From the Pre-Internet And/Or Offline World

Mentoring can have its place, (in the workplace, in school school settings, "wherever"; but I really don't think writing on HubPages is one of those places. We live in a time when so much "institutional thinking" has permeated non-institutional environments (thanks, I suppose, to the non-institutional Internet), people can sometimes forget to sort out what was commonly accepted concepts (like mentoring) in terms of where/when they may "apply" and where/when they really don't.

To me, if someone is eighteen years old or older, pretty much anything anyone needs to know about how things work on this site, or in the larger picture of Internet content/writing, is already available to anyone who wants to bother looking for it. Between some people's not doing what is recommended by HP for their own reasons, and the fact that what is likely to get traffic has continued to evolve (and probably isn't done yet), there are reasons that people have issues with their Hubs that have nothing to do with their not knowing what is recommended/encouraged by HP these days and/or not knowing enough not to write stuff on here that isn't likely to do well (or at least not write that stuff and wonder why it isn't getting traffic).

The Late Helium (.com and shut-down writing platform, for anyone who doesn't already know) drove away capable writers when it turned in to a big, "we all help each other learn to write better stuff" thing; and it amounted to people who didn't know what they were doing any more than othr people did advising others.

I'm sorry. How much "mentoring" do capable grown-ups need to figure out what has to be figured out - or else just decide not to figure things out from what's already available any number of places, and take one's chances with what earns and what doesn't. Even that famous Google list of "what Google wants" isn't that tough for any grown-up to understand. I mean... Either go with it or don't, but what is there to re-hash between a mentor and mentee on a site where the aim to earn money. The Internet is full of places where those in need of "emotional support" can go to socialize with "like-minded" people (as Bubblews, for example, calls them). I don't know.... To me, if someone who wants that kind of back-and-forth/"emotional feedback"/"social doings" needs more than that, and more than the help already so widely available... Those people don't need a mentor. They're people who need a "mommy".

The Internet, and content sites/writing platforms, are also full of self-appointed experts who have either led others astray because they aren't the experts they believe they are, or because they operate in a "what-works-at-the-moment" kind of thinking without seeing what most likely will not work over time. True, some people find that making money "while it works" is good enough. Those who make enough money "while x works" aren't, I don't think, usually in the market for a mentor (assuming, of course, that they're skilled enough with the English that they don't need much help beyond a spell-checker or basic grammar-checker).

People who are happy enough to make their money (with their writing) how-ever money is best made at any given moment on the Internet, just adjust as what works keeps changing.

People who are able to make money with their writing in any number of ways are generally capable of adjusting their writing to whomever/whatever it is aimed

How much "mentoring" does anyone think they, or other people, really need on this site?


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