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Drop Down Deals Shopping Virus Popup Spam; How to Remove / Delete

Updated on July 1, 2013


If you are like me, you suddenly noticed "Drop Down Deals" on your computer one day and, most likely, at first glance, you thought the website you were viewing had this "junk advertisement" on it. Most likely you were annoyed and eventually exited the website... but after visiting a different site, you still saw these awful ads and no matter how many times you clicked the "X" to get rid of them, they popped right back up. Then, after a matter of days dealing with "Drop Down Deals" you began searching for how to get rid of this horrid "thing" that "just appeared".

So what on earth is "drop down deals"? To answer this question I did a ton of research. Let's start with Drop Down Deals website:


(Drop Down Deals) "Software enhances your interaction with various websites by adding features, functionality and content through your browser. The desktop version of the Software may be downloaded from websites maintained by the Company or its affiliates (the "Sites")."

So you're probably doing the same as I did; scratching your head and wondering "WHAT???" - I know I, personally, did not register for anything of this nature, so why is it on my PC suddenly???

Why / HOW is Drop Down Deals Installed on My Computer?

Whether DropDownDeals is a "Virus" or not is still up for debate. While many people / bloggers call it a "virus" or "malware" it is still undecided. While many argue DropDownDeals, also knnown as Yontoo, is a severe threat, others argue it is "nothing" and can be simply "turned off".

I, personally, tend to lean towards Doctor Webs Report on Yontoo / DropdownDeals which claims that Yontoo / Drop Down Deals is Adware which can be installed by watching videos, installing a plug-in, downloading or via "Twit Tube". NOTE: Other skeptics point out more sources for potential Yontoo downloads, including Facebook and other websites.


Simply! As soon as you click the link, instead of the promised program, you get the annoying, in-your-face, scam Drop Down Deals EVERYWHERE. It downloads the moment you click the icon to download something else:

photo compliments of
photo compliments of


Its hard to say "WHY" Yontoo is doing this, but press releases have shown that Yantoo boomed in worth after launching. My personal guess would be that users were coerced to click the ads. I, personally, clicked numerous ads of theirs by accident because the *@%$ popup would happen as I was trying to click something else.

Anyway, Yantoo is basically a company that *claims* to be a part of "internet marketing" - although their tactics are, in my opinion, basically illegal, being that they have their "program" downloaded without you being fully aware of it... or even slightly aware.


Ah! You have gotten to the "meat" of this article - good for you!!! And you'll be glad you did because, for starters, lets check out the Yantoo website "fine print as of 6-28-2013:

Yantoo | Source

If you can't clearly view the above image, it says that Yontoo will "share" your logged data when they FEEL YOU AGREE to share it. Ummmm..... I would like to know how YOU "feel" about my "feelings" at this current moment. Do you "feel" that I am happy? Sad? In the mood to cut a hole in a leopard-print-kite and wear it as a hat? Or do YOU *feel* i am in the mood to share data? Do you feel I currently agree to share some data? If so, then I guess, if you are Yontoo, then you are "allowed" to share it, right?

WHO IS YONTOO / Drop Down Deals?

If you're wondering who is "Drop Down Deals" / Yontoo is; the company that shares your data based on THEIR belief that you want to share it (see above); Besides being a 'virus warning":

its a company that poses as being legit, yet hijacks your browser and connects to it as an "add-on" / "plug-in".

As far as actually contacting them, they have the following addresses listed:

LinkedIn Listed Address:

240 S Lemon Ave #5224 Walnut,California 91789 United States (screenshot below:)


BUT, on their website, they have a similar, yet different address:


As you can see, their "other address" is 340 S Lemon Ave # 5224, Walnut, CA 91789 - perhaps an accidental typo... or perhaps on purpose... after all, who makes an error on their professional LinkedIn Profile or website? My only assumption would be someone who isn't incredible "professional". Anyway...


There's a LOT of different articles about getting rid of Drop Down Deals, but I have found that there's one super easy way to do so. You will want to Reset (Restore) Your Computer to a Previous Date. DON'T WORRY; you will not lose data; your documents and such will still remain in place. If you're terrified of losing something, throw it onto a thumb drive. If you don't have a thub drive, get a really cheap one off Amazon and do your Restore as soon as it arrives:

HOW TO SYSTEM RESTORE (To Get Rid of Drop Down Deals)

System Restore may be different on each computer, but overall it is the same.

Go to the Menu icon (Start Icon) then Control Panel:

next you can easily find "system restore" by simply typing the word system into the Search Box.

Then select the link that says "Restore System to a Previous Point" (the wording is a little different based on what version of microsoft you are using:

Next, just follow the prompts and your system will do the Restore process. It takes around 15 minutes total and your PC will need to Restart, so make sure you Save anything you're working on and also CLOSE documents. If you want to save this article, simply Bookmark it.

If you don't know what date to select for your restore, try to think back to when the annoying Drop Down Deal Spam began happening. If you're like me, it probably took you a few days to a week - or- two to offically become livid with Drop Down Deals. So perhaps consider Restoring your system to 3 weeks ago.

OR if you feel like you have been living in Drop Down Deal Hell for a long time, consider a several-month-old Restore.


You can uninstall Yontoo and all affiliated features, including Drop Down Deals, at any time by following the directions provided on the DropDownDeals website:

Windows - To uninstall from any of the supported browsers on Windows, go to the Windows Start Menu and then to Control Panel > Add/Remove (or Programs & Features in Vista/Windows 7) and click Remove next to Yontoo.

Mac - To uninstall from Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome on a Mac, go to Tools > Add-ons in the top menu. Select the Yontoo logo and click Uninstall

OR check out the video Tutorial below:

How to Remove DropDopwnDeals Video Tutorial


DropDownDeals is part of the Affiliate program. This means that whomever chooses to promote DropDownDeals will make money each time someone installs the program onto their pc (or Mac). Therefore there are tons of bloggers / writers "raving" about how amazing "DropDownDeals" is and trying to put a spin on it, pretending it is a "GREAT" online shopping comparison website. However, if this were true, there wouldn't be endless forums filled with people begging for HELP to remove the program.

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