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Dumbledore's December 2010 Hub Journal

Updated on December 16, 2010

Dumbledore's Reason for the Monthly Journal

Many disciplines eschew the need to keep a journal and the importance of documentation. The purpose for this journal is to document Dumbledore's efforts throughout the month of December. This hub covers daily activities as they occur so Dumbledore will edit the content on whatever days he finds the time to write.

This hub will also track Dumbledore's hub performance and statistics to help re-evaluate goals and align them with performance.

December 2, 2010

This morning I spent my writing time looking over some older hubs and making adjustments to the titles to try to improve my hit count.  Some of these hubs receive regular traffic but the counts are very low.  On average I receive about 40 hits a day spread across all my hubs.  This endeavor took about an hour of my 2-hour daily writing time.


I also set up Google Analytics to learn more about the traffic patterns of my hubs and worked for about 15 minutes on a new hub.  This was the extent of my hub activity for the day.

December 3, 2010

 Today I had a more limited amount of time to spend on HubPages, only an hour and a half.  Other activities demanded my time so I spent the time editing a new hub on credit cards and performing some housekeeping tasks.  Not a very productive day.

December 5, 2010

The Title Tool may provide some useful tips on creating effective titles. I have a number of hubs that are not producing acceptable results (nobody reads these hubs). The problem could be the writing, the title, or the subject matter. In-line with standard shotgun approaches of troubleshooting, I decided that the title would be the easiest to fix so I used the Title-Tool to modify the titles of four hubs. I'll check in a few days and see if these hubs start generating traffic.

I completed a hub on the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball that I started on Friday. I let the hub age for a day to see if the hub-score would go up -- it did.

The wife and I went out for a little window shopping because the little princess was off with her aunt for the day and the realization came to me that I should concentrate my hubs on the Holidays and finance for the rest of the month.  I also formulated a way to incorporate Amazon into my hubs, which led me to a few ideas to write about.  These hubs should be coming soon.

December 6, 2010

 Today, Dumbledore will be in class from 10:00 AM until 10:30PM so he will not be very active on HubPages.  He may, however, edit and read a couple hubs.

December 7, 2010; Tuesday

Today is another day requiring a teaching marathon at the college so once again I only have this morning to work on my writing.  I edited a new hub on time management skills and read a few hubs by some of my favorite authors.  not much to report in the line of progress, which is expected with such a small amount of time to devote.

December 8, 2010; Wednesday

Published another hub today. This brings my count to 54 hubs published. Not a very large amount but I am making definite progress toward a short-term goal of 100 hubs. This gives me the idea for another hub on goal setting, which I may start to develop soon. I checked my statistics this morning and the aggregate total is one off from a 2000 30-day view total. This is certainly well above the 50 monthly view average of a couple months ago. I would someday like to see 100,000 30-day view count but that number is so far off as to not even qualify as a goal.

December 9, 2010; Thursday

I have some errands to run before work today, so I only have 90 minutes to concentrate on my hub activity. I am spending the time revising a couple hubs I would like to publish soon.

December 10, 2010; Friday

I was able to spend a little more time today working on my hub pages. I finished up and published two hubs today -- hurrah, I always like publishing a new hub because I feel like I have accomplished something. Now I'll just see if anybody reads them. I also answered a couple questions, made a post in the forums, and a comment on another hub. This is not a lot of activity but not too bad for three hours work.

December 16, 2010; Thursday

As you can see, I have not been very active over the past week. I had to finish up the final project for the class I am taking and this took all my free time, if you can call any of my time free time. I was however able to read a couple other author's hubs and post a comment. even a small amount of activity should help the community.

December 17, 2010; Friday

Trying to cath up when behind can be difficult. This morning I replied to a couple of comments and sent some fan mail. I also published a small hub that I put together a few days ago. I hope to spend some time writing tonight after work.

Recap for December 2010

Dumbledore has published the following hubs in the month of December:

Dumbledore was receiving an average of 3 to 5 visitors per day before the month of November. As of today the traffic has risen to an average of around 25 visitors per day. This is not a huge increase but does indicate progress.


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