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Adsense Revenue Sharing Bookmarking Sites To Make Extra Money Online

Updated on January 28, 2014

Right now all SEO experts and SEO agencies are using this to promote their client's product and business web page. If you are not own any product, but you have blog and you want to build backlinks for your blog, you can use social bookmarking as well as revenue sharing bookmarking sites. Revenue sharing website would allow you to make money from your submitted bookmarks on their site.

If you have done all on page SEO for your blog, you can try bookmarking. Its recommended SEO technique that will help you to optimize your website for search engine off page.I used to bookmark my blog link or hub links on various social sites to get backlinks from them and get ranking on search engine results page. I generally prefer to share my links after publishing content on yahoo answers, squidoo lenses, Reddit, Facebook, Google+, twitter. And sometimes also share my backlinks on following adsense revenue sharing bookmarking sites that help me to make money from those bookmarks also.

Get Backlinks & Earn from Social Bookmarking Sites

Get Backlinks & Earn from Social Bookmarking Sites
Get Backlinks & Earn from Social Bookmarking Sites

Earn money online without investment

 Earn money online without investment:
Earn money online without investment:

Backlink Your content with Adsense revenue sharing bookmarking wesbite

Hello all my friends,
I have seen so many webmasters and bloggers are telling that back-linking is most powerful tool in Search Engine Optimization, I Searched a lot and found that Back linking can be gained by so may ways.One of the important way is bookmarking, Taht is briefly described here, You can get high PR backlinik by bookmarking your post on other website as well as earn Google adsense revenue from the content you published.

1.Social Bookmarking websites : You can post you content on various bookmarking websites to get quality back linking to each of your post,Various Social bookmarking websites with Adsense revenue sharing are mentioned here. - It is DoFollow Backlinks providing website and has 80% adsense revenue with each of content you are bookmarking on website. - It is also wonderful bookmarking website that provides user to get 50 % Google adsense revenue sharing. - It is user friendly bookmarking website that provides very valuable dofollow backlinks. - It is also useful bookmarking website that provides Google adsense revenue sharing by bookmarking your content,It offers user to get 70% Google adsense revenue sharing which was previously 65 % only. - It is almost good pretty website that shares 100 % Google adsense revenue sharing website , I have bookmarked my each post from my different blogs at their website and it is gaining me a good traffic with Google adsense earning.You can bookmarking your content in following categories Business,Entertainment,Free Stuff,Games,General,Health,Lifestyle,Politics,Science,Shopping,Sports,Technology,Travel, World

Are You Using Bookmarking to Get Backlinks

See results - It also provides 100 % revenue sharing website, You can post your articles like posting on blogger at there. -It is also one of the most favorite bookmarking website that I likes,Bookmark you are bookmarking at xomba are also dofollow.

I am blogging since last two years and having good experience with blogging worlds as well as Search Engine Optimization(SEO) world.I am sharing my own views and experience with fellow bloggers to get more from their blogging.

I am currently blogging at

Feel free to add me on Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | YouTube

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    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 6 years ago from USA

      Xomba doesn't allow you to bookmark your own articles anymore. I am really bummed about this since I got considerable traffic from them.