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Earn Adsense Revenue With Adsense Search

Updated on April 22, 2012

COMMITMENT: Success is largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.

Create Custom Adsense Search Engine

Create Adsense Ad Code Manually

Increase Your Adsense Revenue

Earning Adsense Revenue is one of the most popular topics/subjects people search for online. So many people want to learn the secrets to earning as much revenue as they can from the Adsense program.

Hubpage members write article after article to increase their chances to earning Adsense revenue online and writing as many hubs as possible about subjects you enjoy is a great way to do it. Using the Hubpage platform offers you a free opportunity to earn revenue with the Hubpage Program, Adsense, Amazon and E-bay but there are also other free resources you can use to help you increase the revenue you already earn.

I write articles online using the Hubpage platform and use other revenue sharing website platforms too that let me earn a percentage of the Adsense revenue generated from the articles I write (if you want a list of free to join websites visit my profile). I also earn revenue for placing an Adsense For Search box onto the websites I create.

I create websites in addition to writing articles here at Hubpages and I do it for several reasons. One reason is I place links onto my websites that backlink to my hubs which is a great way to backlink. I also earn additional Adsense revenue embedding Adsense Ads manually onto my websites and that means I earn all of the Adsense revenue generated . I also earn Adsense revenue for placing an Adsense For Search box on the websites I create.

When I started to create websites I never thought of placing a Google Adsense For Search on to them. As time past I become more confident embedding Adsense Ads manually to my websites and I would pass the section "Adsense For Search ". I finally one day clicked on the link to create an Adsense For Search box to place one on my websites. Then I thought to myself why would I not place an Adsense For Search box onto all of my website pages. Not having an Adsense For Search on each individual webpage prevented me to earn additional Adsense revenue. The more Adsense For Search fields you have on your website pages the better the odds of someone doing a search straight from your website.

Writing online at free to join revenue sharing websites to supplement your income is a great way to go but if you want to increase your chances to earn even more Adsense revenue, I suggest creating a handful of free websites (to start) and placing an Adsense search on each of the websites webpages. Take the time to learn how to create the Adsense codes yourself to place Adsense Ads manually onto your free website AND place an Adsense For Search box onto them too. When people decide to do a search and use the Adsense For Search directly from your website and click on a search result, you earn additional Adsense revenue.

If you want to view where I embed the Adsense For Search box throughout my websites visit the links below. Everyone has their own style of doing things. I decided to place the Adsense For Search on the top of each webpage throughout my websites. I only place one Adsense For Search box on each webpage.

Keyword Tool External

Free Streams Of Income Opportunities

I created a couple of Youtube videos to help you learn how to create an Adsense Code Manually and how to create an Adsense For Search manually and how to place it into your websites HTML. Hope the videos help you along your path to online success.


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    • mailxpress profile image

      Michelle Cesare 8 years ago from New York

      Hi TnFlash,

      I'm blushing. Funny. Your welcome. I recently started to embed adsense search engine field onto my free websites and I have received some revenue from them, it works. It's a good addition to work we already create.

      I'll see you around.


    • TnFlash profile image

      TnFlash 8 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Great Hub! You are my hero. Your posts have been a fountain of good information. I've started using some of your ideas already. Thanks!