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How to Earn Money Online through Hubs and Blogs

Updated on December 21, 2013

FOR NEW COMERS : How to earn money on Internet?

Earning online is not so tough job if you followed some simple steps. You people may be wondering about some persons who write online and earn money.They may not have creativity or imagination powers or may not be brilliant writers but still manage to earn online well. No need to wonder it is as easy as playing a computer game. you just need to understand some policies and know some rules that should be followed. Let's discuss it here and I assure you that after reading this you will start making money on internet.

Adsense Policy

Adsense is advertisement application run by google. you can join it freely with your goole id. They will pay you for putting their ads on your site. Just go to GOOGLE ADSENSE and you can join there,

And don't forget to read the policies and terms and conditions. And what you have to remember is the payee name you once given can not be changed later, so be careful. For the people who are staying outside has to specify it also mention the mode of payment. U.S.A citizons have to submit their tax information and others have to mention there also, that they are not an U.S.A. citizon. Then they will verify your email id and also will visit your site. It is important that copyrighted contents or copy paste items and nudity etc. are not allowed. If they found anything like this they will cancell your account. And then there is a unique pin number which will be generated on clicking. They will send this through post to verify our address. And if we didn't recieved it with in 20 days after generation then we have to generate it once more. They will also provide a unique referal tracker which shuld be entered in all our sites and this is what diverts the money to our account. For USA citizons the payment will be available from 10$ onwards while others have to wait as it reaches 100$. But don't mind there are people who are making 200$ a day!!!!.Your payment will be done before the 15th of a month.If it reaches 100$ after 15th then it will be sent in next month only. Your payment will be on hold. You have to remove it before 15th of the month.

Create your domain

For the people who knew to create website can create their own web sites and put ads according to thier wish. But people who don't know to create website don't worry. You also have good opportunities here. First and best method is to start a hub or blog. Hub pages are prefferable for amatures as it initially possess page ranking 2 and as the contents in your hub is relevant it increases. For blogs the initial page ranking is 0, but if you have skill blog will help you more as you can manage ads in blogs and can also present in attractive ways.

How to start a Hub or Blog

For starting a hub what you need first is an adsense account and then a hubpage accont.Just by going to HUBPAGES you can join there. Be wise to select your user name. Because it really depends a lot on your visitors. Try to select some thing that may be searched more. This will definitely increase your revenue. Then you enter your adsense referal id at Affiliation. Now you can start publishing. Importantly you have to avoid copied contents, nudity etc. And all your hubs will get hubscores and there will be an overall hubscore for you too. This hubscore depends on many factors. Mainly it depends on no of visitor of your hub in one month. Then also depends much on the contents of the hub. The contents must contain words which are more popularly searched and some key words have high chance for getting high income which can be found out in google suggest explorer.

Higher your hubscore you have more chance to be visited. And a good hub must contain not only texts but 10-15 images and 3-5 videos will definitely improve your hubscore.

Similarly in blog also you can join in the same way there are many hosts for blogging such as blogger, wordpress etc. Go and join it and start writing there. There also you have to enter your adsense id.And you can manage your ads in blogs.And in blogs you can also express your creativities.

For both blogs and hubs I have a secret to share with you that always there will be more visitors for a masala blog or hub. So if you are interested you can start a masala blog too. But don't think that more visit will increase your income. What provides you income is the clicks that the ads in your site gives. And who visits for seeing masala blogs have a liitle chance to click on ads. At the same time if you are publishing a good hub with much informations in it people who comes genuinely will surely click and some click may provide you 30$!!!!.

And don't think that Adsense is the only advertisement application available. There are some more applications available such as adbrite. You can also use them for earning. But before proceeding read the policies and rules well. They differ for differnt applications.

How to mange your Blog or Hub

You have to regularly visit and maintain your sites regularly. Initially you won't be able to earn even 0.1$ per day. But don't give up or be dissappoint. You have a better chance ahead. Tell your friends to visit your hub and socialise your site. This can be done with social sites such as Orkut, Facebook, Digg, Stumble up on etc. You can share your publications with other publishers also.

And not only adsense provide you revenue but there are ebay, amazon capsules also which can be added to your hub.It also takes some more procedures.And as no of hubs increases revenue also increases.

To view your site visits and to manage it don't forget to join GOOGLE ANALYTICS. And also add it to your site also. If you work hard for 2 or 3 months now and mange and maintain regularly,then you will be a successfull publisher online who earns 100 or more dollar per month. Don't hesitate. It's your turn. All the best......


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    • RZed profile image

      RZed 5 years ago from UK

      Useful post. A bit off topic but can you tell me how to add the Social media icons to a hub (above the title)? Tried a couple of times, alas no joy!

    • profile image 8 years ago

      While looking for "How to Make Money Online", read your make money on internet hubpage. Good article on make money online!

    • Bloggify profile image

      Bloggify 8 years ago

      Thanks for the info - don't forget lots of backlinks are needed too !