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Earning Income With Hubpages - How To Earn Income With Hubpages?

Updated on December 15, 2011

Earning Income With Hubpages.

How to earn income with Hubpages? Join Hubpages...Pick your content...Assemble your modules...Start writing and earning income with Hubpages!

If it was that easy everybody would be rich...However most people are lazy and are looking for fast easy ways to earn income online. If your just looking to make a quick buck in a few days...It isn't going to happen. On the other hand if you're willing to work hard...2 Hours a day you can begin earning income with hubpages.

The very first step is to join Hubpages...It's Free and really simple. Why not take a quick tour right now? If you're not ready yet keep reading...Here's the link to take the tour...Hubpages getting started tour.

Once you've joined the next step is choosing your content. What I mean is...What is your hub going to be about. I suggest you pick a topic that you enjoy and have some knowledge in. A topic that you can write 300 to 500 words about. JUST REMEMBER in order to have success in Hubpages you must write your own content...If you go out on the internet and find an article....Then copy and it for your hub content, they will know!

If you need to use someone else's content...Rewrite it so it's a minimum 30% unique.

Next assemble your modules...Hubpages has many modules you can use...Such as text, picture, Amazon...Etc. Be sure you tag your hub with keywords that are relevant to your content. Also make sure you use your keyword throughout your hub...Once every 100 words is about common. Too many times and Google will think your spamming and will not show good AdSense ads.

You can join good affiliate programs like "Clickbank" who has over 10,000 e-books that can be downloaded any time and you can earn 50 to 75 percent commission. They are lots of topics and I very confident you can find something that you can pre-sell on your Hubpage.


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    • profile image

      CalLightman 6 years ago

      You just showed me a good way to make a pre-sell. Thanks.