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6 Easy Steps To Get More Traffic On Your Hubs

Updated on April 10, 2014

Its all about getting more traffic and getting more people to read your hubs, Isn't it? It obviously is, because if people won't read your hubs then your writing will go in vain. Imagine you are in a band and you've practiced for months and when you come to perform on stage, no one turns up except your friend. How would you feel? The same way, hubbers also feel bad when no one reads their hubs.

In this post I'll tell you how to get more traffic to your hubs in few quick and simple steps. An extremely oversimplified answer is, “Make sure your content is very targeted and get as many quality links to your site as possible.” Essentially it means that you have to stand out and teach yourself some basic traffic generation skills just to be noticed and that you need to learn the techniques used by professional hubbers and Internet marketers to build a high traffic.

Whats Your motto? Quality or Quantity?

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1. Post Hubs With Quality Contents

Quality is the key. This is what makes your visitors to come back again. Make sure to update your profile frequently with quality hubs and contents which are relevant and useful to make sure that people get what they need when they come to your hub. Obsolete and outdated content should be removed and replaced with the most up-to-date information.
Write as much as possible, it helps the hub to be noticed by the search engines. The content you write is what will keep readers coming back for more. Make sure you have something meaningful to say to them and say it often to maintain their interest and keep them loyal.
Make sure you add appropriate pictures (and videos if required) to the hub. And also keep in mind that the videos must be your own in most of the cases.You can as well add polls to the hub.
Break your hub into a number of capsules and each capsule should focus on a certain idea of the hub. Make the hub presentable by aligning the capsules.
And never ever copy any content from other websites. Search engines are smart enough to detect any copied material and they might put your hub down the ranking.

Do you reply to the comments on your hub?

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2. Realize the power of comments

Make sure that you reply to all the comments posted on your hub. It helps build a relationship and shows how concerned you are about your writing. Post relevant and engaging comments on other hubs also. It gains you accolades as well as reputation. Be insightful while posting comments and post meaningful comments so as to make sure that others believe that you've read their hubs carefully and to the very end.
A successful hubber needs recognition. This recognition can be achieved by participating in discussion forums and posting useful comments on other quality hubs. Once you are recognized, you will draw add on benefit by being able to attract new audience from those hubs.

Do you regularly take part in community discussions?

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3. Do take part in community discussions

Try to remain active as much as possible. Make sure your presence is felt by other people by taking part in forum discussions and answering the questions. Post clear cut and meaningful replies in the forum so as to gain reputation and win accolades. Try to answer the problems of other hubbers and yourself also post question so that you are well known among other hubbers.
Follow the hubbers you would like to read in future and they might as well follow you back. This is called mutual benefit.
You can also link your hubs to other hubs by hyperlinking a word or sentence. For information on how to link you hub to other hubs, click here.
This helps in building relations and you might get back the favor which would help increasing the traffic and repo.

4. Harness the power of Social Networks

Take time and post your best hubs to sites like Reddit, Digg, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
I helps to boost the traffic substantially. Sites like Reddit are full of potential reader who are searching for good and interesting contents. Make sure to update your hubs with new information regularly so that it may be read by Redditors, Diggers etc.
You never know what is in stock for you, you might also start earning a good amount if the traffic keeps coming.
You can post your link to sites like facebook, twitter and you may also write guest articles on sites like
Backlinking your hub is a very good idea to get noticed by search engines like google. It might not get you the traffic you need but it will surely help your hub move up in the search engine results.

5. Take part in various challenges

If you have time to spare, do take part in contests like the 60 day challenge. And get enrolled for the Hubpages apprenticeship program. However, the apprenticeship program is help up for a while , you can get your name registered once it shows up again. Its a 6 month rigorous program to help you write quality hubs. But you have to be dedicated as you might get expelled out.
On the other hand, take up the 30 day challenge where you would be posting 30 hubs in 30 days. It will increase the number of hubs as well as get you more traffic. It also helps you interact with other hubbers and you will learn the importance of community help.

Do you perform keyword research before publishing your hub?

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6. Perform SEO- Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be described as a technique of advertising your blog or website on the internet in order for it to receive the attention of more visitors. Add links and relevant keywords to your content when optimizing it for search engine but do not overcrowd your posts with a lot of relevant or even completely irrelevant keywords to avoid spamming.
Always do some keyword research before publishing a hub. Write your hub and before adding the title, think from the point of view of the people who might be searching for your article. Suppose your hub is about sea-foods. What would you enter in the search engines if you were to search for this article? Possible you may enter 'popular sea foods'. Now go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool and enter the keyword. You will get a list of keywords. Then choose the one with less competition because in this may your hub might get the chance to show up on the first page of google. Now do some more research for the content which you have written and use the keywords in your article appropriately and make sure you do not overdo this because this might result in spamming.

Your Title and Summary should be focused upon more because these two are the ones which the people notice first. Try to add a catchy title using relevant keyword and make sure the Summary describes your hub accurately. And here too, make proper use of keywords using the Keyword Research tool.

So, here were a few steps to increase your hub traffic. Keep in mind that quality and consistency is the key on hubpages. Do not despair the first few times when you might fail. Keep posting more hubs and keep building reputation. Each time you post a new hub make a goal and achieve it. Each time try to improve and each time get your hands on the keyboard with confidence. Keep up the work, follow the steps and success is bound to find your way.


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    • adithgeorge profile image

      Adith Varghese George 3 years ago from Kochi,Kerala

      Thanks.The article was very helpful to me.I just started my hubpages ad programme and i wanted to increase my traffic to about 4000 pageviews a day.How many pageviews do you get daily?