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Easy Tips for Maintaining your Garage Door....

Updated on February 10, 2015

Garage Door

Clopay long panel garage door with glass
Clopay long panel garage door with glass | Source

Garage Door

The garage door itself does not have any moving parts. Each section of the garage door is referred to as a panel. The garage door panel varies in size in length to fit the opening of the garage door. The panel itself is the outer steel, insulation, and inner steel if you have a two sided sandwich steel garage door. If you own a non-insulated garage door, then the panel is just a steel garage door panel that faces the exterior of the building.

To keep your insulated garage door looking clean you can use a rag and WD-40 to wipe the interior and exterior garage door panels clean. If you have a non-insulated garage door then do not use anything on the interior of the garage door panel to clean it. The paint on the interior panel of a non-insulated garage door is different than what is used on the exterior of the garage door.

To clean the entire door, you can use a pressure washer and spray the entire exterior of the garage door including the window panel. The window panel can also be cleaned with windex on the inside and outside of the panel. The window inserts on the interior or exterior of the garage door can be easily lifted out of the window frame for easy access for cleaning.

Moving Garage Door Parts

Different moving parts of the garage door
Different moving parts of the garage door | Source

Moving Parts of the Garage Door

The moving parts of a garage door are located on the interior of the garage door. The moving parts are the hinges, rollers, drums, cables, and springs. The track and brackets do not move. All of the moving parts of the garage door require a little maintenance to keep the garage door operating smoothly and quietly. You can spray WD-40 directly into the track, on each hinge and bracket, into the drums, and directly on the springs. There is not a special garage door oil that is required to lubricate the moving parts of a garage door. WD-40 works the best to keep things moving smoothly and quietly.

Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener Setup
Garage Door Opener Setup | Source

Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener can be chain driven, screw driven, or belt driven. A chain drive and screw drive opener is a very noisy garage door opener and there is not enough WD-40 in the world to keep them quiet! For quiet operation it is recommended to have a belt drive opener. However, if you have a chain or screw driven opener you can keep them operating smoothly by spraying some WD-40 in the opener track. The opener track is the track running from the garage door opener along the celing. The garage door opener assists the garage door springs in opening the garage door. The opener arm is attached to the garage door panel and is considered a moving part that can be lubricated with WD-40, just give it a liberal spray.

Garage Door Rollers

Elfie the safety elf helping to install garage door rollers.
Elfie the safety elf helping to install garage door rollers. | Source

Garage Door Rollers

The garage door rollers are generally nylon covered rollers that roll up and down the track along the outside of the garage door. These rollers will need to be sprayed with lubrication to keep them rolling smoothly. Rollers generally do not go bad for a long period of time. Rollers can easily be replaced on your own also, you can go to any of the big box stores and purchase new garage door rollers for replacement. All you have to do to replace the rollers is unscrew at the door hinge, pull the roller out, and push in the new roller, then screw the hinge back in place.

Two Car Garage Door Torsion Spring Setup

Two car garage door torsion spring setup.
Two car garage door torsion spring setup. | Source

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs that we install are oil tempered steel, the oil on the spring helps keep the spring lubricated; however, you will still have to spray with lubrication every once in a while to keep the springs functioning correctly. Do not attempt to change a garage door spring on your own, you need special tools, and springs are dangerous. You are better off calling a professional to do that job.


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