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Updated on June 11, 2012

Risks that never regret

During our childhood our parents used to send us to go and look after the cattle, and sometimes we could take goats to a thick forest. We could do mischievous activities, which sometimes we never understand.

It was a chance we met with friends, whereby we team up, and began playing different kinds of games. Some are dangerous, but we used to trust ourselves so much. As other children even up to date, we could play with fire, playing on fast flowing river, eating anything even picked on dirty places or even drawing stones on bee hives etc, you know such dangerous places. All these activities at times we got injuries, despite even beingwarned by our parents.

One of the activities used to like a lot is swinging; we could swing ourselves on hanging twigs on tall trees in the midst of a forest, we didn’t know that if the twig got broke, the result would be seriously injured or even death. Another day we found ourselves jumping over a cattle dip, which is approximately 10 feet deep and was full with water. Swimming was also other activities we used to enjoy, and we swam in a scary places; fast flowing water and deepest places.

Learning from the past

Until at my youthful level is when I reflected back the fearful situations I have gone through as a young child. To speak the truth if I was to told to do that at that level I would think twice, even now. Maybe, I could ask the swimming equipments, or rescuer in case I was drowned. By this level I started asking myself how it happens as a child and not now? Could it be our innocents? Or showing up how we can do? Could it there was no fear in our hearts? Yes they were games excitements but a number of risks we exposed ourselves to.

A wonderful verse from the bible is what made me to learn from the past as a child.”Unless you become a humble like this little children, you will not inherit the kingdom of God” these are the words spoke by Jesus to His disciples.

I learn the following lessons:-

  1. Fear; - As a young children who do not have fear to take risks, but fear their parents from punishingthem. Icame to knowthat only our creator we should fear and give Him glory.
  2. Love; - A child loved to do something out of his/her heart without complain.
  3. Impartial; - Small child has no discrimination. Telling a child not play with other friends, you will find them next time playing together.

God’s mysteries

Faithfulness of God never failed; they are new every morning. His eyes watch over every one. He has unseen heavenly angles for each one of us; protecting us from dangers, and recording every steps we make (Psalms 34:7, Genesis 19:11).God angles posses great power (2 Thessalonians 1:7,3Peter 2:11).They also travel swiftly as book of Daniel puts on (Daniel 9:21-23).They deliver God’s people.

These are the incredible mysteries of God that I cannot understand. He assigns even small children playing on risk places angles to protect them. These angels are symbolized as clouds as book of revelations puts “He will come with clouds.” This assured me that they are millions, millions, and millions of angles hovering around the world connecting us with heaven, and they have powers.

Children swinging

Playing on a sewage water

what about if the robe broke,or those stands are lose.
what about if the robe broke,or those stands are lose.

can imagine these chilred exposing themselve to.

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    • Samkoskei profile imageAUTHOR

      Sammy Koskei 

      6 years ago from Nairobi

      Thanks Dhannyya,it also touch my heart.

    • dhannyya profile image


      6 years ago

      very nice hub....this is great as it is from your heart


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