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Farewell to HubPages

Updated on May 23, 2013

Goodbye HubPages

Yesterday I received congratulations from HubPages for celebrating my second anniversary in HubPages. I received this news with mixed feelings. On one hand I was a bit proud, but on the other hand I was a bit sad and angry.

For the past two years I have been writing Hubs for HubPages, as well as writing two blogs. I had an account for my blogs which qualified me to take part in the HubPages earnings program. After two years I had earned only about $70 on my blogs and about $15 on HubPages. One day last month I received an email informing me that my AdSense account has been terminated. No reason was given, but I was given a chance to send an appeal to them with my plan for rectifying the wrong doing. I was told that the appeal decision would take about two weeks. I had absolutely no idea what was wrong, so how could I offer a plan to rectify the situation? I thought and thought and checked my referral sites and anything that I could have done wrong. I sent submitted the appeal and expected to wait a couple of weeks for their decision. Within an hour I got the response. My appeal was rejected and I was banned from AdSense for life.

Two week later I discovered that someone I Knew would occasionally click on my ads. I did not ask him to do this and I had no idea he was doing this.Anyway it was too late now. I accepted this as a learning experience and set out to find alternatives to AdSense. I found two sites, Chitika and Qadabra, which seemed as good or better. I now am using them on my blogs and I am quite satisfied. I then went to check on my earnings on HubPages and discovered that I am no longer earning anything through their HubPages earnings program. Because AdSense terminated me HubPages made me no longer eligible. They didn't even notify me that this was happening. I was further upset that because of this I was not eligible for the eBay earnings program because of my loss of my AdSense account. Apparently HubPages is keeping my $15 in earnings.

Since this has happened I have checked out some other sites similar to HubPages. For two weeks I have been writing for Bubblews and ExpertsColumns. As a matter of fact I have earned in two weeks as much money as I had earned on HubPages in two years. I only have one article published on ExpertsColumn but I am satisfied with my earnings. My earning on my blogs are also doing much better.

I very much enjoyed writing for Hubpages, but this incident has soured me as far as continuing with this site.I like to write, but I also like to make a bit of spare change while doing it. HubPages decided that I no longer had that right and offered no explanation and no alternative.


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