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Favorite Hub of the Week - On the importance of good grammar

Updated on September 17, 2016

Grammar 101 by Pwalker281

The Link to My favorite hub of the week is below, and was written by Pwalker281

Grammar 101: "You and me" or "You and I" After a Verb or Preposition?

Above is the hub that has literally lit up my hub reading week, like a digitized light bulb. I actually located it on that cool new Pinterest network.

Now me and Patrice are becoming cool buds on the web, and on hubpages as well, but this isn't the reason for my sharing of her Hub here as my most favorite hub of the week.

The reason for such a sharing, and writing of this hub is because of the contents I found there in her hub, she's definitely going at a great length to help us all as writers on this network and beyond.

The location on Pinterest I found her awesome Hub on Grammar


Reason for writing it

I was truly compelled to write this very hub for her, by giving credit where its due, and to show her intuitive article she's written, some love, respect and praise, by "paying it forward". I truly admire her selfless efforts as a fellow hubpages writer. I highly recommend the reading of her other hubs as well, and especially if you like the art of crochet, which is a highly respected craft on hubpages and beyond.

I will not tell you any more about her, or the hub she wrote on grammar, I will get on with the comment I left for her, and into the long winded words she has actually inspired me to write in this very hub here, which I had to cut and paste from her comment wall when I had wrote it there, and into this hub here. Now this was surely done prior to submission of the comment, and due to the lengthiness of the comment itself, in which I even had to break into two parts below or hub text capsules, in the more technical hubpages language of terms.

Helpful tips for new hubbers about the comment capsules

My long winded inspired comment - Cont in capsule below this

Your play on grammatical errors is awesome @Pwalker281, I'm surely not the best writer, nor the worst, but I can definitely take some grammar lessons from you and from anyone who has such useful info regarding the proper usage of grammar. I think the more a person reads, they begin to write a whole lot better as well.

Unfortunately for me I love writing so much about technical things, and always seem to lose my sight on grammar when doing so at times, and I'm not really sure why.

I think my very own personal difficulties with grammar, tends to stem from burdening my mind with so much technical info years back in college, and it goes to show each time I write something. I actually found that I must revise my hubs, many times over to I get things written correctly. (draft 1, draft 2, and draft 3 etc.....)

Inspiration for writing comes in many differing forms

Many of the words I've currently been using to write my hubs, I'm not use to using on a daily basis, since many of them aren't related to my technical expertise I've had as a Naval Aviator and as a IT Expert, but its quite OK with me to learn new things.

I been working to improve my writing using hubpages to do so, and I've been doing this so that I can help others with my web research skills on differing topics that may interest them, rather than that of my own dry technical stuff I always love reading and writing about for myself.

Overall, it has been a huge challenge to write things correctly, and one I intend to conquer the whole grammar error thing in due time.

Cont- More on the Hubpages experience & writing

Another thing that had occurred to me actually on hubpages while transitioning to become a digital editor of my written works was learning a great deal from other peoples interests. This was done out of pure curiosity and by me attempting to change my interests a bit, to provide a wider range of topics for my readers to view as well, such as all the many differing titles & categories hubpages allows its authors to choose from, and especially those in which I've actually chose to publish already.

The actual reading of many peoples hubs has also become a new found motivation for me, that helped me to begin learning how to appreciate a great deal about new things others are skilled to know to perform in life. I feel that I have in return gained more knowledge from such acquired skills many people share daily on hubpages, just as PWalker281 has done with her grammar knowledge, and this has helped to increase all of my interests today, as opposed to when I had first joined hubpages, having entered as a new member 6 months ago with mostly technical interest only on my digital belt.

Making such efforts on hubpages has definitely changed my overall awareness and usage of words, hence making for a huge challenge of literary proportions, and for me to also learn to tackle the more proper usage of certain terminology that suits each new topic in terms of grammar itself.

Looking to get the word out much more effectively, on hubpages and beyond try these great resources below

Online research is paramount for the writing of your hubs, and if you need accurate relevant resources this hub will help you to get the idea of how to do it.

Awesome hub on getting the traffic to your hubs purely by writing informatively about what you love most at first when you join hubpages, then it exposes the truth behind a certain particular high traffic topic.

This hub is all about the hubpages community and your involvement in its activities. It provides useful info regarding how your hubpages activity can help you to grow an effective presence fan following, and why we all need such today as a writer to get our words across to readers.

Awesome hub when it comes to helping people understand alternative sharing methods outside of hubpages dealing with the social web, and sheading some light on the interesting new social curation network known as Pearltrees.


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    • Turtlewoman profile image

      Kim Lam 

      6 years ago from California

      Hi Cloudexplorer,

      I think it's nice of you to honor a Hubber who has helped you with grammar. Your dificulty with being grammatically correct reminds me of my college days. I was traumatized by one particular class, Humanities, which was considered the toughest literature requirement course at UCSD. I have buried that memory since, and now I'm finally ready to write again through Hub pages. Thanks for referring PWalker. I'll definitely be reading up on her hubs.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Yay, Pwalker281 has arrived, awesome stuff indeed. Yes your definitely on point, when it come to grammar, and I'll take them lessons any day, lord knows I need it.

      I try my hardest though to work through my weaknesses as a writer, I will also try to get into the learning of the technical aspects, which you've provided for us all in your hub. I always wanted to be good at that part, but school waits for no one, and I never got to fully grasp all the concepts back in grammar school. Go figure Right.

      Thanks for being such a cool person, and for sharing with me so much, I can't repay you for your help you've provided me, but I hope this hub does the job, you deserve all the help you can get as well. Good Luck & much success to you.

      Oh and I also love Pinterest as well, I only been a member for 1 week, and them digital wall frames are making moves I never seen before, wow! is all I can say about that the people seem so nice as well, can't figure out why but it must be all the awesome imagery.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow, Mike, if I could blush, I would :-). It's really an honor to know that my grammar hub has been such an inspiration to you. I tend to be a bit "OCD" about grammar, but instead of getting frustrated when I see grammatical errors in web content, I decided to start writing hubs about correct grammar usage. I haven't published as many as I would like, but more will be forthcoming.

      Thank you so much for featuring my hub, as well as my Pinterest profile. Btw, I am absolutely in love with Pinterest and am beginning to realize just how much potential there is in using it in unique and creative ways. I've found some interesting hubs there as well. Talk about your stuff going viral!

      Thanks again, Mike, and if you ever need any help with writing or grammar or whatever, just let me know.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks @YellowStone8750 for visiting and leaving a cool comment for me, yes indeed grammar is totally important, just as is the sharing of one another works, see you soon in your hubs.

    • yellowstone8750 profile image


      6 years ago from Taos, nm

      Writing is the only way we have to communicate on the Hub pages, so grammar is very important on expressing our thoughts. 'Typos' always try sneak in though. Good to see you writing again.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks @Craftdrawer for responding so quickly, I just published this hub about a few minutes ago, wow. I'll repay the favor as soon as I finish editing it all, yes indeed Pinterest is a cool network and it works wonders for us hubpages writers.

    • craftdrawer profile image


      6 years ago

      What an interesting way to discover a Hub. I use Pinterest mainly for craft photos but this was a new discovery. There are so many interesting Hubs to read and it was nice of you to share yours...


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