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Finally Hit 10,000 views! Time to Assess: the Good, the Bad, and the Boring

Updated on March 25, 2012
a screen capture of my accolade for 10,000 views earlier this week (3/20/12)
a screen capture of my accolade for 10,000 views earlier this week (3/20/12) | Source

After 8 months and 5 days I finally reached 10,000 views! It's not that impressive compared to those who get 1,000's of views a day but it's not a bad mile stone either! 10,000 views was a lot harder to get to then I thought it would be, I did get lucky with some boosts in traffic as a result of Hurricane Irene, Halloween and entertainment stories but I also faced an entire month of writer's block in January 2012. I've tried a number of ways to promote my Hubs on and off the site, with some success and a lot of failure. I'm hoping reaching 10,000 views is just a bounce on the spring board to higher traffic! Below are some stats and my personal comments on my first 10,000 views on Hubpages!

another screen capture showing some of my Hubber stats!
another screen capture showing some of my Hubber stats! | Source

Basic Stats

So here are some of my basic hub stats:

-I've been on Hubpages since July 14, 2011 and hit 10,000 views on March 19, 2012. That's 8 months and five days to reach that mile stone.

-With Publishing this Hub I am now at 78 Hubs which averages out to about 9 hubs a month.

-Hitting the 10,000 view mark a few days after being on the site for 8 months means an average of 1,250 views a month

-As of Saturday March 24, 2012 I have 333 comments.

-My average Hubscore is currently at 70.

-My current Hubber score is 96 but hasn't dropped below 90 in months!

- I currently have 113 followers!

The Hubpage Community

When I first joined Hubpages in July 2011 I was completely gun hoe to make some money online and share all my wonderful ideas. Problem was its not that easy and two getting the ideas from my head to the computer screen was a lot harder then I thought! Between writer's block and balancing graduate school, I didn't always have the motivation to write my hubs. The funny thing is I have pages and pages of ideas in a notebook, which I add to often. So when i started getting positive feedback from the Hubpages Community I was thrilled. I really have come to enjoy the community of writers here on Hubpages. From comments on hubs, to forums and questions hubbers are helpful and encouraging! As many of you would agree, Hubpages offers some amazing people and I can say I am truly happy I joined this site even if I never make any money!

Most Viewed Hubs

To the right is a list of my top ten viewed hubs! As you can see majority of the list, minus the hub the importance of street trees, are on entertainment (specifically television) or the weather. I obviously have a niche, something I didn't think I would have or would develop here at Hubpages! The only hub in this list with over a 1,000 views on it's own is Spring 2012 TV Season Premieres what I'll be Watching! This hub is actually one of my recent hubs that has seen decent traffic for the last two months every day! All the hubs referring to Hurricane Irene had huge numbers on August 28-29 when the storm was actually hitting. I was lucky enough, and safe enough, to be able to go out and take some photos during the peak of the storm. Not only was I able to get out and take some photographs, my house was one of the very few in Connecticut not to lose power at all! Having electricity allowed me to upload the photos during the storm, which brought some good size traffic in (note below the highest peak in traffic was from Irene!). I also have some hubs on this list that are not big traffic makers but could be consider evergreen hubs, including "Hail or Sleet? There is a difference" and "The importance of street trees". I've noticed both hubs have consistent traffic, although not much traffic! I also had a boost of traffic around Halloween for my hub about classic Halloween movies, which still gets a view here or there but acquired most views on Halloween itself, which was a surprise for me! The other hubs in the top ten are all about television from True Blood to Mad Men and Community.

Sharing my hubs: What Worked and What Didn't

when sharing your hubs online different methods will work for different authors and even different hubs. I've practiced a number of ways to share my hubs from social media to social bookmarking and blogging. some of it's worked and some of it hasn't. I post every hub I publish on Twitter, sometimes getting many retweets but not many views. I also post on blogs on Blogger and Tumblr (when appropriate). Finally I also post some hubs on Reddit and Digg, while I post all hubs on Stumbleupon. The results vary from each website.

Twitter: total views about 200

Stumbleupon: which is more consistent: 259 views

Reddit: I had one hub hit big one day getting majority of the 199 views

Tumblr: which I only post environment related hubs 74 views my blog on blogger (used more for backlinking) 33 views

Facebook: (I don't post on Facebook so these are from other hubbers links) 26 views

Digg- Like Reddit I don't post every hub but have seen no views from Digg.

Majority of my views have come from Google and Hubpages, however i have gotten some views from other ways. This includes sending my "Do You Have Mad Men Withdrawal?" hub to a Mad Men Tumblr blog, which re posted it on their website. I also got some Twitter accounts to tweet my articles. I feel like searching out your targeted audience can still work in this online world but it takes a little work. As for social bookmarketing and social networking I will continue to post there in hopes that one of my hubs will go viral!!!

Graph of my Views since joining!

Screen capture of my traffic stats so far, notice the high peak to the left (that was hurricane Irene traffic!) then the dip and lack of hubs to the right (writers block in January!)
Screen capture of my traffic stats so far, notice the high peak to the left (that was hurricane Irene traffic!) then the dip and lack of hubs to the right (writers block in January!) | Source

Looking to the future!

So as I look ahead to the final months in my first year on Hubpages, I see hope! A little work here and there adding more hubs and contributing to the Hubpage community will hopefully only make my views, earnings and online reputation grow! Good luck to everyone else here on Hubpages! Happy Writing!


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    • BWD316 profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Dooling 

      6 years ago from Connecticut

      I'm glad it was helpful Sheri! Thanks for the comment and Good luck on your Hubpages adventure! Beware it can get addictive!!

    • Sheri Faye profile image

      Sheri Dusseault 

      6 years ago from Chemainus. BC, Canada

      As a newbie to hubpages I found this very helpful. Thanks you!

    • ryanjhoe profile image


      6 years ago from Somewhere over the rainbow

      I remember when I get this accolade. I was very happy too and it drives me to make more quality hubs. Thanks for sharing your experience. :)

    • BWD316 profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks Millionaire Tips I do. Notice some patterns I'm glad someo e else seems to be seeing the same thing! April, which isn't depicted on the graph has actually been my best month yet with even higher traffic but has dropped off considerably in the last few days due to the relevance of two hubs that are not so relevant anymore and possibly the latest google update although I hope not! Thanks for the comment!

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 

      7 years ago from USA

      Congratulations on your milestone. Your graph looks a lot like mine (except for the spikes) - it stays mostly in a certain area (0-25) for a while, then it moves to another area (25-50), etc. I've had some times when it seemed to stagnate in a particular zone, and sometimes it does drop down a zone or two. Hopefully yours continues to move up and up.

    • collegedad profile image


      7 years ago from The Upper Peninsula

      Very useful information! I wondered how affective posting to outside sources at driving traffic to my hubs. I figure that if nothing else it's a back link, which should help my Goolge ranking. Great hub!

    • BWD316 profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks susanm23b I hope my hub was helpful and inspiring! starting at hubpages can be slow but as I mentioned it sure is worth it even just for the community good luck!

    • BWD316 profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks CookwareBliss good luck to you as well!!!

    • BWD316 profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks Debbie Roberts for the comment and share! You have some great hubs so I'm sure you'll be reaching 10,000 before you know it!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very interesting hub! As someone who is pretty new to HP, I enjoy reading about hubbers's experiences. Congratulations on that terrific milestone! Voted up!

    • CookwareBliss profile image


      7 years ago from Winneconne, WI

      WOW! Congrats on the acheivment,only 9 months on hub pages and you already have 10k views. Very impresive and good luck with your future hubs!

    • debbie roberts profile image

      Debbie Roberts 

      7 years ago from Greece

      Well done BWD316, bet your chuffed I know I will be when I get 10,000 views.

      I totally agree with you when you say that it doesn't matter if you make any money on HubPages as you've met some amazing people. It is the people on HubPages that make the site what it is, a fun place to write and learn, the support and banter is more than I thought it would be.

      Well done again, voted up and shared!!

    • BWD316 profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks DeborahNeyens! Yeah I decided 10,000 views was a good evaluation spot! I also enjoy reading others experiences here on hubpages, I find it helpful and encouraging! So I say go for it and write one for your 50th hub !

    • DeborahNeyens profile image

      Deborah Neyens 

      7 years ago from Iowa

      Congratulations meeting the 10K milestone. I'm almost to my 50th hub and am considering writing some sort of milestone hub for that. I thinks it's really useful to read about others' experiences here and what works and what doesn't. Thanks for sharing yours.

    • BWD316 profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks lauryallan! I'm glad you liked the hub and it's awesome that you just hit 100,000 views! congrats!

    • Lauryallan profile image


      7 years ago

      Hey loving the Hub. I have found very similar things to you and I have just managed to hit 100,000 views by implementing what I learnt from my 10,000 view accolade.

      I wish I had tried more when I first joined HubPages but I am making up for it now.

      I wish you the best of luck on your HubPages journey and that your traffic continues to increase.

    • BWD316 profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      I'm glad you found it useful LoveToLearn! Thanks for the comment!

    • LoveToLearn profile image


      7 years ago

      Your stats prove that throwing a few topically trendy items (new Spring shows) into the mix can have great results -- especially if you can find a way to monetize them. Thanks for sharing what works for you... I love reading stuff like this.


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