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Finding Topics Worth Sharing and Reading

Updated on March 3, 2012

What is a good Topic?

First of all one would have to define "good". This tiny little word that is abused way too often to just let it stand there uncommented upon. And I guess that not many of us would admit that "good" also means to produce not only traffic but as well some Dollars. I am having difficulties with this part of my definition as well but probably also couldn't fully deny it is at least part of the answer I am about to give. Then good of course means that it attracts many visitors and motivates them to vote for it or even to leave beautiful and helpful, supportive comments. But the definition that I feel is the most relevant for many here is that I am content with what I have produced and that I am able to read it again in a while and can remember the way that I've felt writing this text. With this being made clear I can continue to describe how I come up with good topics for a hub.

Ideas are like Bubbles

Usually at the end of my regular day I sit quiet in my armchair. Today a nice scent of lemon gras from my thermos stimulated my memories. I relax, close my eyes and let my day pass by. This clears my mind from the noise of all the unimportant things that happened to me or around me this day and creates space for more creative and unique ideas and memories to come to the surface. I let them come up like oxygen-bubbles from a diver under water. When they reach the surface of my mind, they burst and set free old memories that seem to continue their journey by floating into the air. The biggest and most beautiful of these fragile balls of past reminiscenses I try to catch to take a closer look at them. I then ask myself what I would consider to be worth sharing with others and if it would be respecting their time and effort, that they would have to put into reading my text. Although there's so much that I have encountered I always had the feeling I could never really share these with someone. But by presenting it to a bigger audience like on hubpages might not only raise the chances of finding someone who understands what I have seen, but who might also be empathic enough to imagine what it was like. Yes, it might also cause negative reactions and make me much more vulnerable than I would be if I only wrote to make money and to please google.

I am my own Audience but Sharing my Texts is Thrilling

I mainly write for myself. Sharing all these experiences and all this knowledge with others deep from my heart is the only thing that makes me feel like I am part of something bigger, while my own tiny life seems to repeat itself every day. Sharing and knowing that someone actually likes what I wrote leaves me behind content. After a while, I re-read my hubs and add changes according to my impression and circumstances at this time. But a good comment, a sweet fan-mail or a nice Hub-Score also soothes my curious but cautious soul.

So I guess by following the above intentions my hubs' quality will increase slowly over time. I don't think most of my hubs are perfect from the beginning and might never be. I pre-write all texts in an editor first and save all changes so I have something like an anthology of my favourite texts. I want to thank you for your precious time that you have invested in reading this article. You are making a difference in my life although you might not be aware of it.

Wish you well.
Yours Michael


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    • Marion Elodie profile image

      Marion Elodie 5 years ago from London

      You express your thoughts and feelings in a beautiful way! I really like the metaphors you use and how they make your hub so lively. Thank you for sharing!