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First Impression of HubPages

Updated on September 25, 2011

After creating a title and tags for my first hubpage, I got scared after hitting the continue button. A window with large text about quality and spam popped up. I thought I had did something bad. I just wanted to write but could not find the button with will enable me to click and enter text immediately.  Eventually, I found it. 

I wrote my first article about my decision to write for hubpages. I will continue to write for eHow however, to improve my research and writing skills. If you can write a Demand Studio article without a rewrite then you must be doing something right. The editors are pretty good about catching grammar mistakes in addition to ensuring that writing policies are followed.  The editors locate the exact part of the article that has mistakes or improper practices.  They even look at the number of spaces between sentences.

I was extremely pleased to find out that not only can you add text in hubpages, but you can add photos and video. After briefly browsing a few hubpage articles in the past, my impression was that hubpages was a "text only" website.  The only pictures to be seen were those of the author's avatars. I was very mistaken.

I love adding pictures to "how to" articles. It makes those articles much more interesting to read. Incorporating videos with text also enhances the article.  I am pleased that writers have a choice in adding text, pictures, videos, slideshows, and other types of information into their articles.  

There will be times when I will create articles that are picture heavy.  Presently, my writing style with Demand Studios is without images.  I have to do my best to create articles that don't require images and write more descriptive text.  Demand Studios does have a large library of pictures but it still needs to grow more.

I look forward to writing more articles with hubpages.


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    • MPG Narratives profile image

      Marie Giunta 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Glad you liked HP after your initial shock, Romain1 and you have been very productive too, well done. Welcome to Hubpages and if you need any assistance go to the learning center or send me a message and I may be able to help. Cheers Marie, member of the 'hubgreeters' team.