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For Bloggers Try HubPages

Updated on August 14, 2009

HubPages for Bloggers

I was turned on to HubPages a while back by a contest that The Key Academy was doing in which they did 100 blogs in 30 days to see hoe much income they could generate. You can check all the particulars by going to The Key Academy.

They give you a rundown on a daily basis about all the income they received. Now first of all you need to sign up for HubPages and once you do you can write blogs about anything. The better the subject the more views you'll receive and the more money you'll make.

When joining there is so much quality content that you can add to your blogs especially the Affiliate Programs. Besides Google Adsense you can also add Amazon, where you can add their entire inventory to your site if that's what you want. There are also others which are two many to mention at this time.

What I'm trying to do is 30 blogs in 30 days and I can tell you that the income has been fantastic. I just recently added Amazon so I'm anxious to see how that performs. As long as you can write blogs with original content(something people will want to read)you should have no problems at all.

Besides HubPages there are at least 20 other sites that run the same particular programs so why not try as many as you can. All this will do is add to your income so for Blogging this is definitely the way to go.

If you can get your income at a comfortable level(say $3000.00 a month)and you're able to duplicate it at other sites now you see how you can make a very comfortable living by doing this.

Another thing is that once you surpass a certain amount of hits per day or month, advertisers will seek you out to have you add their products to your blog. They pay you for these so now you have another income stream coming in every month.

Try experimenting first. Start slow. you don't want to just rush through your blogs because they'll suffer from that. What I do is write out my blog well before I publish it and let my family take a look to see if it qualifies to them as something someone would want to read.

I also, (though I do blogs daily)try to make my readers wait and what that does is also spread the word better. For example,lets say i have a treasure map. I go on HubPages and write a blog about me containing it. I'll let it build over a certain amount of time before actually revealing the exact location of the treasure.I'll have more tomorrow.


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