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Forgiveness Letter to the Church

Updated on January 18, 2016

Church Hurt

My Forgiveness Letter to the Church:

God forgive us the church for turning the word of God into a money making marketable commodity to be bought sold or traded for a price. Your word is free, freeing and powerful, please forgive us. God I’m sorry that the church has become a place where teaching judgement and condemnation is a regular occurrence. Thank you for you loving kindness that leads us when we are wrong. Lord forgive us for separating the CEO’s from the prostitutes cause in your eyes Lord we are all the same. Help us to remember there is no them and us we are all just part of humanity and to treat each person that way. Forgive us for separating “the Client’s” from the “church ladies” for separating the junkies and homeless from the elite. Forgive us for classifications and labels. Also give us wisdom and discernment which is not the same. Forgive us for trying to determine weather someone needs help or not, if they ask God provides.

Forgive us for the Americanized standards that have become so twisted – If I’ve ever seen Idols in our lives more than TV, or computer Screens such as I pads or anything that we might place as more important than our relationship with you in our lives, I’m not sure I know a clear definition of what and Idol is.

Forgive us for thinking the church is a building where we go on Sundays when we can fit it into our schedules. The church is us; it’s in all of us and constantly not a building, synagogue, mosk, or temple we are the church. Forgive us for the bickering among different styles of worship for separating the Catholics, Mennonites, Pentecostals, charismatic’s and evangelicals and many more for instead of finding the common ground we stand on, to argue about differences. I’m speaking of all the variations that believe that Jesus is the son of Christ died and rose again. The differences don’t matter to you, never have but it’s the love we show everyone and the commonalities we need to find. Forgive us for questioning whether someone is a Christian (a topic of conversation only for the good church people of the world) or not a Christians lives will be an example of love and who they serve - God. Forgive us for trying to determine if they are going to heaven or not Lord only you are the judge. Forgive us the church for preying on people’s emotions for financial gain and forgive us for not using your funds wisely.

Forgive us the church for making it and elite place where some don’t fit. Forgive us the church for financing buildings and clearly not following your word for financial matters of all kinds ie. building funds. Forgive us for getting “caught up” in the theology so much that we forget to feel. Forgive us for the images of Christ we have and for always trying to figure things out, we clearly don’t have all the answers. Forgive us for being so busy with “the church” that things at home slide, or we fail to make eye contact with the person standing on the corner holding up a sign that says “will work for food.” Forgive us for thinking we have it right while they have it wrong. Forgive us for asking you why, instead of how can you use this for your glory and honor and to show love beyond measure. We are sorry that your bride has become a place with an allegiance necessary where membership dues some in comparison with the status of country club membership’s status that swear there alliances with a church – your church was never meant to be an elite only club.

Forgive us for making the church a market place – used for fundraisers, book stores and coffee shops your temple is a place of worship. Forgive us for thinking that we can reach more hearts with bigger flat screens, a better choir, more pews and a better day care and allow the church to be a place the ANYONE can find God Allow us to live our lives in such a way that we don’t even need to say I’m a Christian it will be evident and present and clear as day in our lives, families, speech, work, walk and talk and how they love.

Thank you for the church ad allowing us to see we can’t do it alone! We need You! We need you to soften our hearts, minds and spirits please allow the church to be a body of believers with a common ground. Thank you for the church and help us to make improvement and continuous growth and change and forgive us when we get it wrong. Thank you for your Word of truth and for allowing me to dig in it even if I get it wrong and I repeatedly do. Thank you for the amazing people you have place in my path to help guide me. More often than not, the people who have shown the most love and acceptance have been drunks and prostitutes more than preachers and good church folks of the world. Thank you for your loving correction and gentle guidance. I would love your presence to be felt in every building we walk into because you are there even in the dark ally’s and places where many don’t think God is, when you call on him he will be there.

Forgive us the church for turning your temple into a run way show, a “hook-up” spot, a dating network, a place to show off our new cars, talk about our most recent plastic surgeries or anywhere that takes the focus off you. Forgive the church for not being a place where we can bring our bags and feel at home, meaning the rags many are clothed in – covered in sin. Forgive the church for not being a safe place, a safe place to ask questions, even questions about sex, drugs, money, relationships, love, life questions about God. Thank you for giving us some guidelines to live by that make our lives so much easier, the only thing separating them and us is us.

Lord I’m sorry the church has become a lying den of thieves and for the fact one may be more likely for find God at a bar – because we are all sinners and someone wallowing and crying in the beer may be more willing to admit they need you more and more humbly willing to admit they are a sinner more than you may find in a church. Thank you that you were a friend to the sinners that they were not your clients but your friends. Thank you for humbling me and showing me that I may learn more about God from a prostitute than a pastor. Thank you for humility and showing me where I error in my thinking often about these topics.

Sorry that pray chains remain the leading gossip networks with more dirt spread in small towns’ than desperate housewives. Sorry for our harden hearts, sorry that I personally feel that my money is better spent giving to various charities than to pad the pockets of pastors, who often live off salaries that are far greater than many people I know. Forgive us for our own hard hearts and harsh judgement.

We are sorry that the church has not been a place where we say keep coming back or cast shrewd glances that those who don’t. Sorry for not being able to feel comfortable bring some of my friends through the doors of the church for fear of harsh, judgments, whether it be style of dress, smokers, if the church doesn’t welcome these people, who does? Sorry that AA meetings use the term higher power and also sorry that I’m heard more about God at an AA meeting that at a church. There is a saying that say’s Church is for people who are scared of hell and AA is for people who have been there, I like this one a lot because it’s humble and true.

More wars have been started in the name of religion than any other reason. Forgive us for spiritual abuse and any generational sins. Forgive us that more people of the church have undisclosed sins such as porn than many other venues. Forgive the pastors and the people who use shame as opposed to your love. Learning the difference between guilt and conviction is major, shame and fear keep the same cycles going, we need to know that your love and grace lead to redemption. That your love and acceptance for all of us as we are; and who God is! Forgive us for handling matters, such as drug related overdoses with condemnation and blame, shame as opposed to loving kindness and grace and handling difficult situations less than tactfully in matters of abuse, addictions and death due to these issues.

Thank you for your Church and your word and preservation of it, thank you for using really flawed and broken people for your honor and glory repeatedly though the Bible. And thank you for the many people who have shown that truth to me.


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