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Free Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Updated on December 13, 2010

Free Easy Ways to Make Real Money Online

There's hardly any easy money on the internet. Here I offer you couple of totally free & easy ways to make a decent income from the internet. Of course, you cannot expect too much. I assure you that you can earn $200 or more every month after applying my methods. Let's read on.

Stay Away from the Scams
Stay Away from the Scams

Why I Offer My Money Making Ways For Free?

I never like to pay for any money making system(most of the time some sorta ebooks). They're everywhere. I can say 99% of them are scams.

  • How Do I identify the Scams?
  1. Google the name of the book and the domain name to see if there're any negative comments from the customers.
  2. Check the Website's Google Page Rank Here, if its Page Rank is below 4/10, it usually means at least Google doesn't consider it as a good & trustworth website.

  • Where to Start?

How to Make Money Online for beginner

Click the link above to know Basic Knowledge of Money Making online.

  • Why I Offer these for free?

I'd like to do some online research before doing anything since we can usually get whatever we want from the internet. Why useful information always available online? Because there are people who volunteered to share their knowledge & experience online for free. I learned everything from this kinda free resources. I very appreciated their contributions to the prosperity of the internet. Now I'd like to join them.

I don't promote any product or service here. You don't have to pay a dime, or read anything you don't want. Only honest words here. No copied stuff. Everything I figured out on my own.

Wanna Know Free Easy Ways to Make Money Online?
Wanna Know Free Easy Ways to Make Money Online?

Let's Get Started!

If you are willing to make an easy part time job earning couple of hundreds of dollars every month, rather than buy any ebooks or super secrets, I suggest you first check all the free resources available on the web. No cost, no risk! Get some experience and learn the basics rather than trust anyone's nice story of million dollars in few months.

Google Adsense is so far the best source to make reliable income.

Another problem comes up.

Where to Get a Google Adsense account?

It's so easy to find out. Just google it.While you might get frustrated when you get rejected by Google couple of days later after you submited an application. Why?

  • Google Only Allows a website you owned for at least 6 months' establishment.
  • Rich & Completely Original Content on your site.
  • You might still get rejected for other unknown reasons.

We have the best solution. Join Hubpages to get a previlege on Google Adsense Account Applying.

As a registered member of Hubpages, you are allowed to use your hubpages account to sign up a Google Adsense account. More importantly, the chance to get approved is super high.What are you waiting for? Take advantage of it!!!

Free & Easy Ways Available Now!
Free & Easy Ways Available Now!

Why Hubpages?

  • The Hub (original article page you write) will get indexed by Google within 24 hours. If you have a good Hubscore, you might make it within 12 hours.
  • Not just indexed by Google, but also Google Ranking Priority. I got many hubs ranked NO.1 or on the first search result page on Google for certain hot keywords.
  • You might have heard of other similar websites like Squidoo, EzineArticles, or even I am telling you the truth. I have used all of them before and did research on all of all. Hubpages is undoubtedly the winner. Trust me.
  • Click the Link on the right to learn how to write a good hub.

Useful Hubs

Right things to do with Google Adsense

Problem Still Comes?


  • You have good talents.
  • You can write good original articles with your expertise.
  • You have learned the basics to write a well arranged hub with proper contents.

You still get hardly any traffic.

  • What's Wrong?

People can't find you on Google.

  • What are we supposed to do?

Get Your hubs indexed on Google's First Page or First Place.

  • How?

Do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Advanced SEO Strategies


Useful Stuff You Might Need

Basic Knowledge about Making Money Online

My Own Experience Choosing the web hosting that fits

Free Ways to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Page


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