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Freelance writing online content facts

Updated on January 4, 2012

Freelancer writing contents originality


Freelance writing of contents is losing its originality. It is the fact which is evident to every freelancer. Have you ever get into a situation where you want to write but not having a niche topic? Well I am facing this problem and continuously searching too many sites to find out a solution. But unfortunately I am unable to get the answers of my questions.

Some of the sites have suggested to do keyword research and based on the keyword phrase try to write your next post. But it is almost impossible for me because I think the beauty of writing is hidden in the fact that somebody wants to write the original thoughts. Just for the sake of getting high traffic and revenues from affiliates will ultimately leave you with a state where it would be harder to write down your original thoughts.

The idea of niche writing suggests that one should try to write on topics which are rarely available on internet. It is the clear rule which everyone understands that the rare material is always precious. For example consider your gold, platinum or diamond jewellery why it is so costly? Why the petroleum products are costly? Why the ride to less busy flight route is costlier than the frequent routes? Simply these all are rare to find on earth. It is the simple business rule.

Freelance writing contents facts

Freelance writing online content facts.
Freelance writing online content facts. | Source

Now everyone is saying try to make quality writing in your hubs or blogs writing but my question is that who is going to judge the quality. I am not denying to the fact that good grammar, sentence structures do matter. But as far as content is considered who is going to judge it. Why is there always a hard distinctive line which discourages many people? If the content is good in accordance to the commercial potential it is good.

It is the freedom of writer to decide. In future the hubpages may say to us don’t write such article because we are not getting ads from the corporate for writing your life experience.

Write only those life experiences through which they can sell something out. Are we salesman? Who are we?

We are the freelance writers who are willing to write but get forced by reading all over the internet community to write niche topic. We are the people who want to store our thoughts in history. But the lure of money is forcing us to be productive to sell something.

If you are not benefiting our business you may leave. Such statements by the marketers show that there mind is so narrow that they can’t find potential. It is a very long debate because some of us contradict to the thoughts I shared.

Let me ask you what are you going to write about after reading this article? Some of you will be thinking that we should scroll down to the end and write their comments. And the comment will be the author is a nut. If some of you want to write this it is ok. But before writing think what is writing?

Writing is the free thoughts which come into your mind and you write them without modifying it to the pages. Such thoughts are the actual mirror for showing what you think what is happening around you. If the cumulative thoughts come on the internet and an analysis get done than I hope the correct one will survive.

Whatever be the case the point is be original and not mould your thoughts according to the commercial thoughts.


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    • viking305 profile image

      L M Reid 6 years ago from Ireland

      Hello, I agree with you that to earn money writing online you do have to know and use the rules of SEO. But there is nothing stopping you writing your thoughts and opinions in hubs which are not aimed at earning money.

      You will attract readers who wish to share their opinions and thoughts with you on that same subject.

      I need to make money writing on Hubpages so I write hubs that I know will earn me that money. I do very well financially with these types of hubs and am satisfied that it is worth the effort.

      I like you also have a subject that I write about that I am very passionate about. These hubs do not earn me much money but I do get very many readers. This subject is Irish history. These hubs takes at least 4 to 5 times as long to research and write but I love doing them.

      I believe I have found the perfect solution to this problem of whether we feel it is justified to change our style of writing and the subjects we write about just to suit the SEO rules and advertisers.

      If you want to earn money from writing online then follow the rules with certain hubs. If you want to write about and discuss your own favorite subjects that are not commercial then do that too.

      We all have the choice which is great because I have the best of both writing worlds.