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Get Google Adsense Approval Fast

Updated on November 6, 2014

Methods to get Adsense

You must have heard about many fake ways to earn money online. Let me tell you the best and the legal way to earn money online. Thousands of people are earning millions of rupees from Google AdSense. Let look at what is Google AdSense and how it works then I will tell you how you can get a Google AdSense account without any hassle. Stick around and read more to find out. There are many ways to get it, but after few time you will be banned, so do something legal and get fast.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the best way to earn money from ads. Bloggers and individual with their own website can place Google AdSense ads on their website or blog and can earn money on per click or per impression basis. Google pays the amount to the account holder. The best thing about Google AdSense is that it is not fake.

Many people earns money through this system. And they are using it as a part time job. They are not wasting their time, they do just one day in a week, or one day in a month. But they earn better than their salary. If you read this article carefully and do what i am guiding you, so you will be a good blogger and you will earn money online easily too.

There are two major problems in getting a Google AdSense account. One, the rules and regulation the user must have to follow are very strict and any violation can block your Google AdSense account. Secondly, it is not very easy to get a Google AdSense account especially in South Asian countries. This is a big disappointment for blogger and website owners who want to earn money.

How to get Google AdSense Account?

If others can earn money through Google AdSense so you can do it too. Read on and find out how you can also earn some money through advertisement of your website or blog. Follow these steps carefully.

Step 1

Create a new Gmail account and choose United State as your location. Now go to YouTube and sign in with the newly created account. Click on video manager and go to channel settings. Enable the monetization feature from there. Click on Enable my Account and accept the terms and regulation after reading it carefully. Click on the go button.

I am writing this article after writing article about YouTube channel ranking. In which i discussed how you can get true viewers in some and few times. So that's why i am discussing YouTube in many places don't be panic please.

Sign up to Google

Step 2

You will receive an email which will confirm that your YouTube account is ready for monetization. Head over to YouTube and sign in with your credentials to upload a video. Enter the best title, description and tag for your video and upload it. After the video is uploaded, press monetize my video.

Now go to this link: and hit next. Select Yes to proceed and sign in with your usernane and password. Click on continue. You will be asked to fill a form. Provide all the correct information in this form. Wait for couple of hours to get a response from Google.

Login to Your Account

Step 3

Now after being log in to your account, go to the video upload manager on. From which you will able to upload your recorded videos on your YouTube channel. From the upload manager of YouTube you can change the settings and give it suitable title and descriptions too.

You will able to give privacy settings, from which it will view according to the privacy settings. I just suggest you that don't give your videos worst and hide privacy because from this your channel will not able to get fast viewers as you want.

Upload Video

Step 4

Now go to your Channel and set your settings which i told you in my previous article From which you can enable your settings for monetizing, and monetizing is important part for your channel you should keep it in your mind.

You should also change your YouTube channel settings too, because it will help your viewers for watching your videos. You should give it a good theme and title, it will also help your viewers to be search.


Step 5

When you done what i said in step 4, so now you are ready to enable your settings of your account. You should enable your setting to apply on your YouTube channel, because if you don't or you forget to enable your settings. So it will be hard to monetize your channel and without monetize it is impossible to get ads on your channel.

One thing you should keep in your mind that monetizing is an important part of your earning. It gives you full certifications for earning if you passed it.

Enable account

Step 6

Accept the regulation and confirmation that you want to be a part of Google. Then you will able to earn money and do business online. It is necessary to obey their rules and don't use any illegal things for earning. As i researched about it, so you should show patient because with it you will never earn a pine from online earning.

Accept rules

Step 7

Now every thing is done, So click on go to proceed forward. If you followed me how i am still guiding you, so you have done every thing correctly. If you did any mistakes so you are all things are waste. Without patient nothing is better and if you have patient so you keep it and do what Google wants from you. Because they need honest and truthful people for their adsense policy.

I hope you will be one of them, and earn money using adsense.

Step 8

As we know, when ever we do sign in or do any changing in our profiles online. So we get or receive emails from companies or organizations. So like this now you check your inbox of your Gmail there will be an email about your settings. If you received it, it's mean that you did correctly every thing, if not so repeat what i was guiding you.

Step 9

From your email you will able to monetize your YouTube channel and then it will be a chance to check the status of your profile settings. And i hope you will get monetize successfully.

If you did so you are now ready to upload your own or personal videos to earn using YouTube ads with the help of Google Adsense


Step 10

Please read all setups carefully before click on done, it is very important and necessary step. If you did it carelessly so you will be in trouble. Keep it mind, they also check you during your setting up your profile don't do any mistake please.

Step 11

When you read all settings and now you think that you done everything fully correctly so you should read it once and last time. Then click on go, otherwise it will be trouble.


step 12

Now your Google account is ready and now you had clicked on next button to complete all and every things. So now let's check your inbox is there any email for you. If you didn't get any email so wait for couple of hours you will received it after whole monetizing of your channel settings.

Account Confirmation

Step 13

After done everything, we are ready to apply for adsense. So now click on yes to proceed Google's account it's mean that it will use your current email which we created a bit before.

Sign in

Step 14

It will ask you resign from your account which we created it few time ago. It is just to confirmation. You should log in again don't worry about it. It will take you directly to the adsense account and then you will able to do settings for your adsense account.


Google Adsense for Your Blog

1. Go to Google AdSense site and sign in to your account. Click Google AdSense.

2. Head over to Account settings.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to locate the invite .Enter the email address of your blogger account and then click on “invite”. Enter the email address that is associated with your blog.

4 Sign in with the email address associated with your blog, open mail and accept invitation.

5. Log out your new email account and enter your blog email. When you see your blog email address, enter the AdSense account. Now you can relax because you have got approval of AdSense account.

6. Create the ads as you like it and get your code, then place the code to your blog or website. The ads will start displaying after 5 minutes.

Payment Settings


In this article i defined each and every thing clearly. I hope you understand me and you did every thing correctly. This article is whole about the Google Adsense policy and how you can apply for it. So if there is any question just do me your precious comments.


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    • profile image

      Johnnie Beeman 3 years ago

      Of Course yes! Thanks and thanks again! I just received a message from google that "my Google AdSense account has been fully activated & my Google AdSense: my payments contact information changed" ...

      I followed everything you wrote above. And now it worked like a charm...

      One more thing! I have problem getting my blog monetised by google adsense... They keep rejecting my blog... I have already did everything they asked.

      You can check my blog out and tell me anything that might be causing the rejection!

      I hope to hear from you soon.