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Gangnam style your hubs on

Updated on October 26, 2012

how we can all learn from gangnam style

With the global phenomenon that is Gangnam Style - it cannot be escaped.

Love it or hate it its always there - From TV to radio, school playground to school disco the gangnam style moves are being copied everywhere and showing no signs of abating. Even the preschoolers and the grandparents are trying to master “gangnam style”.

With over 530 million views and counting gangnam style sign shows no sign of disappearing off the worldwide radar just yet.

Having been recognised by Guinness World Records as the most "liked" video in YouTube history there is no argument to say Gangnam style is not popular.

World leaders realising its relevance and popularity are even happy to be seen in public mimicking the moves to a worldwide audience

With over half a billion views on YOUTUBE the masters who created this video and track must be rubbing their hands with glee. Any online business would give their right arm to have the level of traffic afforded by this short video and catchy tune.

Worldwide appeal, simple, accessible to all, enjoyed from toddlers to elders this creation has the perfect mix for online success. Holding back on its release and forming half a billion views to demonstrate the level of interest in the content in itself was marketing genius.

What then can hubbers learn from gangnam style?

My take is: it was simply done – easy to understand, fun, appealed to the masses (whether you like that fact or not) and worth sharing so went explosively viral.

Replicate the process in hubs then surely traffic will follow. Surely the masses will want to hear the hubbers equivalent of the gangnam style on YOUTUBE.

If you are finding traffic slow, have low hub views and a quick downturn in popularity of your online creations in it is time to review your process for generating great hubs.

Are they simply written?

Are they relevant?

Do lots of people want to know about what you are pushing to share? Are you sure?

Do you have gangnam style fun with your hubs or are you lecturing your audience and boring them away from your hubs?

Can they easily paraphrase a gangnam style strapline to the content of your hub?

I am guessing there is perhaps room for us all to use the simplicity of gangnam style to hype up our old and newer hubs. Trying not to over complicate your hubs will make them more popular to the masses. While micro niches are good you still need them to be interesting and worth sharing.

Gangnam styling your hubs could be easily done and with title tuners and the opportunity to amend and update hubs online there is no excuse from making a small effort for potentially some much better results whether it is in monetary or readership rewards.

Love it or hate it. Agree to disagree….

We can ALL learn from Gangnam style.

Gangnam Style


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