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Get traffic to your hubs using video platform

Updated on July 1, 2013

It is common that webmasters forget video marketing as a way to increase their web traffic. Maybe it is because we imagine how it is hard to create a video, how it is hard to get videos views. Let's see how to increase your site or hub traffic using video platform; it is possible even if you don't create videos at all!

First of all, getting views for your videos is something that will happen automatically. You have a great thumbnail, your title is interesting and you have related keywords? You will have views passively from video platform such as YouTube, Daily motion, Meta café, etc... Now, let's see how to get traffic from video platform, we will talk about getting viewers later.

Get traffic from video marketing

It is the most difficult, so I talk about it first because it is the main method. You create a video about your product, your website, your Hubpages profile, articles, etc... And you ask people to visit them after the video demonstration. After all, it is not as difficult as that, you can create a video from any screen capture software such as Jing. The more attractive your videos are, the more traffic you'll get. Even if the text are not hyperlinked in the video (it is possible with YouTube), people will still paste the text into their browser address bar to know more...

Get traffic from videos description

Another great source of traffic is video description. With this, you don't have to create videos about your product, it is the easiest and most used methods to get traffics from videos. You publish any videos online on YouTube, Daily motion, Facebook, etc... But in the description, you give a link for further details, more about us; visit our website, etc...

It is recommended to point to website with subject similar to the videos. By example, posting the lyrics videos for the latest Justin Bieber music, you can add in the description a link as example "More about JB" to a hub pages you create like: "10 questions ever asked about Justin Bieber!" Is it easy, you may start taking benefit from videos you are sharing online!

Getting traffic from video comment

It is a technique to use with care. It is better to answer a question you see in a comment with your link instead of seeking for questions to answer with your links. Hope you get it, because i just wanted to say that it is not recommended to use it as a spam technique. But when it comes to you naturally to reply on a video with your link for more details, just keep in mind that it is a great way to increase your hubs and site traffic.

Increase your traffic using your video channel

Now on YouTube, Daily Motion, Google+, Facebook, etc... You are free to add links to your profile, fan page and channel. The more audience you have, the more useful videos you post, the more traffic you will get using link on your channel page. YouTube made some changes and allow you to add your link as a button at the top of the channel and you can create a promotional video, these changes make it easier for you to build traffic!

Bonus: get video views without promoting

When you want to get viewers for your videos, you can count on related videos features on video platform. The related videos is shown based on categories and videos keywords, so, remember to add the most popular keywords and tags from popular related videos to get traffic to your videos.

Enjoy getting traffic to your hubs using video platform. Improve your audience and increase your earning!

How much traffic do you expect to get from videos weekly?

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    • Stachart profile image

      Pierre Eustache C. 4 years ago from Haiti

      Yeah! I do agree and it why i told to add links on related videos, i gave an example of lyrics videos. It doesn't require too much effort, it require more sense and time than effort! Give youtuber what they are looking for and you'll reach your goal easily!

    • dailytop10 profile image

      dailytop10 4 years ago from Davao City

      Youtube is a great source of traffic but only if you can offer quality and unique content. Simply scrapping a video and placing a link that points to one of your hubs won't do. It may look easy but it requires a lot of effort and time to create a successful youtube account that can help market your hubs.