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How to Finally Get Google Adsense Account Approved

Updated on August 10, 2014
Getting accepted in the Google Adsense program may be challenging, but you'll eventually succeed!
Getting accepted in the Google Adsense program may be challenging, but you'll eventually succeed!

Have you received a lot of rejection mails from Google already? Are you having a hard time identifying the causes of every rejection you receive? If these are the question you are wondering about right now, this article is certainly for you! Upon reading the guidelines and information in this article, you will have a better understanding of how to get approved in the program and have an adsense account..

Getting Accepted in Google Adsense

Getting accepted in Google Adsense is really a burdensome task that can cause some serious disappointment upon rejection. This why I made this article to help you out with getting accepted in the program and addressing some adsense application problems.Hopefully, these things can help you out.

So, let's get started!

The Often-Neglected First Step

This may sound so simple (yet often times, this is the most neglected step in applying for an adsense account), but the first step to get approved faster is to know and understand the policies of Google Adsnese itself. So, just to make sure. Here's the link for the Adsense Program Policies, as well as the Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

The most important part of the policies is the "Content Guidelines". A lot of hubbers are going against the guidelines enlisted without them actually knowing. So, you need to arm yourself with knowledge for you to know what to transfer out (or delete) and what not to write about for your future hubs.

In this article, we will explore my own application summary. We will base our discussions on the problems I encountered in getting my account approved. Hence, there may be other reasons for getting rejected that I may not be able to tackle about. However, I encourage you to raise these things up in the comments section for further discussion. It will be very much appreciated by the entire community!

Taking a Look at My Application Summary

No. of Hubs
Duration in Hubpages
Insufficient Content
1 day
Insufficient Content
3 days
Insufficient Content
1 week
Page Type
2 weeks
Unacceptable Site Content
2 weeks
Site does not comply with Google policies
3 weeks
Site does not comply with Google policies
4 weeks
Unacceptable Site Content
4 weeks
Site does not comply with Google policies
5 weeks
Unacceptable Site Content
5 weeks
6 weeks

Learning from Others:

I've opened up a question in Q&A asking about how long did it take other hubbers to be accepted in Google Adsense.

If you haven't gotten your account, you may browse over it to have more idea about the matter. But if you already got accepted, I encourage you to participate by answering the question to help others out.

How many times have you been rejected before getting approved?

See results

Learning from My Experience

Clumsy Mistake of Being Too Eager

Okay. So the thought of earning money online is totally exhiliarting, but it doesn't mean that you should be hasty about it. Trying to get accepted with 1 hub or post is extremely not recommendable. The chances of getting approved is very slim. Admittedly, there are lucky individuals who got accepted with 2 hubs. But, this happens very infrequently.

As a matter of fact, fellow Hubbers would recommend that you should start applying for an Adsense account after publishing your 10th hub just to be sure that you won't be rejected for "insufficient content". However, basing it on my experience, it appears that upon reaching the 6th Hub, Google no longer marks it with "insufficient content". With this, if you won't have any problems after your 6th hub, then you may already be approved. Of course, the number of minimum number of hubs may vary from person to person, that's why for conservatism, most people will recommend 10 articles/posts.

In order to fix Improper Page Type, you must:

  • Make sure that you are not stuffing your hubs with keywords (especially irrelevant ones). Make the keyword density below or near 10%.
  • Make the site appear to be a content-based site rather than a discussion page or a chating page. (Google likes sites with rich, unique and hiqh-quality contents)

Addressing the Improper Page Type

After going through the insufficient content, I got a rejection mail from Google telling me that my Hubpages account is of "Wrong/Improper Page Type". Frankly, I didn't expect anything like that to happen. I thought that upon addressing the insufficient content, I'll get accepted immediately. But, it didn't happen. And so, upon browsing in the Hubpages forums, I learned that this is not a rare case. In fact, majority of the applicants experienced the same thing.

Moving on, according to Google: "Wrong Page Type includes (but are not entirely limited to) chat pages, sites that drive traffic through improper means, and sites that use keyword stuffing both in the content or tags of their pages."

In my case, it didn't take me long to identify why I received a "wrong page type" mark. I'm aware that I stuffed a lot of keywords in my hubs in hopes of driving some traffic. In order to remedy it, I just removed uneccessary keywords that do not even reflect the content/topic of my hubs. So I advise you to remove irrelevant keywords and not to do it in the future.

In order to fix Unacceptable Site Content you must:

  • Browse over again the Content Guidelines portion of the policies, and avoid writing about the topics listed there.
  • Replace words that has explicit counterparts (even if the context is different).
  • Make sure that you don't write or even link to other sites that Google Adsense deem as competitors.
  • Re-read all your hubs, and try to revise things that the spiders may pick up.
  • (Optional) Stop publishing new hubs and focus on searching the hub that might be causing the issue.

Addressing the Unacceptable Site Content Issues

You'll know if you have resolved one of your issue when the reason for rejection changes. This is a mini triumph for you. But, you'll be needing to continue facing the challenges in order to achieve full victory.

In Hubpages (and even to other communities or social platforms), the "Unacceptable Site Content" is a very common phenomenon. You'll often say to yourself that you didn't go against anything, and that you were sure that you didn't write anything with explicit content. Well, you're not alone. I myself experienced the same thing.

The thing about Adsense is, in the first phase of your application, you will be screened automatically by their "spiders". And these things are highly sensitive about the words that you use even if the context is different. So, in my case, I needed to revise some of my hubs, and revise the words with their synonyms.

Identifying the source of the issue seems easy when you have less than 6 hubs. But, this will be much more challenging if you've already written more than 10 hubs. You need to go through each of them to point the words out. Hence, you have the option to temporarily stop publishing additional hubs, so that the things you'll need to review will no longer pile up.

Addressing the "Site does not comply with Google Policies" issue

Often times, this issue and the Unacceptable Site Content Issue keeps on interchanging (see the table again for better understanding). This could mean that the root cause of the issue might be the same regardless whether Google shows you Non-Compliance or Unacceptable Site Content. Hence, you could focus on revising your hubs.

On the other hand, receiving this as a reason for rejection may also imply that aside from the Unacceptable Site Content, you have mislooked some other policies. More often than not, this will have something to do with the Webmasters Quality Guidelines. Hence, to address this issue, you'll be needing to really orient yourself with the policy, and start revising your hubs or posts. This is why, in my opinion, this is worse than having the unacceptable issue. Remember that it says "with Google Policies". This may mean that you have violated more than 1 policy, unlike in unacceptable site content issue, you only need to specifically worry about the "Content Guidelines".

Having accepted in the Adsense Program is truly fulfilling and rewarding!
Having accepted in the Adsense Program is truly fulfilling and rewarding!

How to Know You Got Accepted

So, after correcting and addressing all the issues, how will you know whether or not you got accepted in Google Adsense? Well, it's simple. They will email you about the status of your application. Google will email you twice, and it's upon the 2nd approval mail that will tell whether you made it or not.

First Phase

Upon sending your application form, Google will send out spiders to your site in order to initially check for your compliance. It will usually take about 2-5 days for this phase to end. After that, you will receive an email from them telling whether or not they'll proceed with the second phase.

Second Phase and First Email


If you weren't able to pass the first phase, Google will message you with a message starting with "As mentioned in our first email...". In the email, they will tell you the reason/s why you weren't accepted. And hence, you'll need to work on these first before re-applying.

Temporarily Accepted

It is relatively easy to get accepted into the first phase of the application. Google will email you with a message starting with a greeting of "Welcome to Adsense!" signifying that you made it to the first phase of the application. However, you'll still not start earning within this phase. You'll only see blank (gray) spaces where the Ads will be placed upon your full approval.

You need to wait for about a week for Google to manually verify your site and check whether you are abiding truly by the policies.

Second Email


You will receive something similar as the one above (Second Phase and First Email). Most people get rejected during this part.

Fully Accepted

If you are accepted, you will receive an email telling you that you got accepted starting with the word "Congratulations!". (There are some who does not receive any second emails, but still manage to have their accounts approved.) This calls for a celebration! However, you still need to be very cautious because even if you were approved, Google can still disable your account. Thus, you still need to continuously abide by the policies, and read any updates if ever there would be changes in them.

Concluding Remarks

Getting accepted in Google Adsense is a serious and tedious task to do, but the rewards are great that you don't have to give up upon rejection of application. There are a lot of community out there (and even here) that will be willing to help you out and walk you through your adsense application. You just need to persevere, because remember this: one of the vital steps in getting accepted is actually believing that you will! You can do it!

Note: You may opt to raise your adsense problems by commenting below, I'll try my best to help you out. Plus, I'm sure that other hubbers will also extend some help to you!

© 2012 Renz Kristofer Cheng

Some Healthy Discussion for Adsense Help

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    • Stacy Birch profile image

      Stacy Birch 10 months ago

      It was using my hubpages as a way to make them reevaluate me that finally got me approved.

    • punkralia profile image

      Puneet Kralia 15 months ago from Jalandhar

      After reading this article I came to know how much difficult it could be to get a fully approved adsense account. But luckily I got my adsense account at my first attempt. To make sure that wasn't a fluke I tried to upgrade my friend's adsense, and it got approved aswell..!! Since then I have been helping people get their adsense accounts really fast thus sparing them the hassle of building a website..

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 2 years ago from Manila

      @Mihnea Andreescu The 10 featured hub is only the usual benchmark but may vary form case to case. Google sometimes want evergreen contents. Since poetry usually consists of fewer words than normal articles; hence, Google may have tagged you with still insufficient content.

    • Mihnea Andreescu profile image

      Mihnea-Andrei Andreescu 2 years ago from Tilburg

      Hi!I have 10 featured hubs -mostly poetry.But I still go rejected for insufficient content -what do I do now?

    • profile image

      Kashif 2 years ago

      please check my blog , and tell me the chances of getting approval?

    • yograj yog profile image

      Yogesh Oza 2 years ago from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.

      Thank you very much Yougotme for your kind interest on my problem. As per my previous comment, made two months ago, my presence on Hubpages is 9 months old. However, by now it is clear to me to become as much quantity conscious as possible.

      Thank you, once again, to provide me such a useful guidance.

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 2 years ago from Manila

      @yograj yog I'm not sure if this applies, but in India, there is a 6-month restriction period. Hence, the question on how long you have been here in Hubpages. :D

    • yograj yog profile image

      Yogesh Oza 2 years ago from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.

      And what about message conveyed to me? Is it not related with the issue at all?

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 2 years ago from Manila

      @Frederick sometimes it takes time for Google to recognize the changes. It will take a lot of patience, but you'll eventually make it. What I did for mine was just to continue on making hubs, and one day I just received the great news!

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 2 years ago from Manila

      @yograj How long have you been applying? And how long have you been in Hubpages? This may not seem relevant, but they may provide some answers.

    • yograj yog profile image

      Yogesh Oza 2 years ago from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.

      Even after publishing 20th hub, two main messages are conveyed repeatedly as below:

      (i) "insufficient content"

      (ii) "to be approved for adsense and show relevant ads on your site, your pages need to have enough text on them for our specialists to review and for our crawler to be able to determine what your pages are about".

      I am confused how to resolve this issue. I request you to kindly read my hubs and guide me. Thank you very much.

    • Frederick Green profile image

      Palis Pisuttisarun 2 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Very helpful hub and I voted up. I am getting rejected for "not complying with policy" even though I have read through all my hubs and I have made edits and changes but I am still getting rejected. Can you check my hubs for me? Thank you very much.

    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 2 years ago from Shimla, India

      Thank you so much for writing this post.

    • yograj yog profile image

      Yogesh Oza 2 years ago from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.

      Thank you, yougotme, for replying. I also think to write further. Thanks a lot.

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 2 years ago from Manila

      Hello there yograj yog! Thanks for the positive feedback.

      Sometimes, it takes time for Google to realize that you've written sufficient content already. My advise is to continue writing with passion, and be persistent in applying. Sooner or later, you'll eventually get approved. It's just a matter of time and perseverance. Good luck to you!

      I guess the 6-month count starts when you become active in publishing your articles.

    • yograj yog profile image

      Yogesh Oza 2 years ago from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.

      Thanks, yougotme, you have written very helpful article. However, i have published 10 hubs and google has not approved my appliation giving message, "insufficient content". Even after publishing eleventh hub, same massage is conveyed by google. Though i am Indian, on my profile HP has written that i have joined six months ago, but my first hub was published on sixth november. Please let me know, sixth months are counted on what basis, from day of first hub?

    • profile image

      Sayed Halik 2 years ago

      I read a lot of article about adsense, and how to bring me get that aplication. But just here i found great answer. But until now, i still denied. Can you help me ?.

      My website is :

      or you can send me you appointment to my email :

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 2 years ago from Manila

      You're welcome @SETHUSAGAR!

      For those that I haven't replied to, I apologize. It's just that I'm currently busy at work. :D

    • SETHUSAGAR profile image

      SETHU SAGAR 2 years ago from TRIVANDRUM

      Thanks for your detailed comment on adsense

    • ciutysmant profile image

      Mantas 2 years ago from Dublin

      Thank you! It is very useful. I tried to apply for Adsense with 1 hub and thought why the hell they rejected me... :D

    • profile image

      james 2 years ago

      i tried all the above solutions but still rejecting my application


    • maunderingcabal profile image

      Ian 2 years ago from California

      I too had a difficult time getting ad-sense set up for my website. Although, it has been rewards since I have gotten it all sorted out. To this day, I have no clue why my first application was rejected... I followed all the rules.

    • profile image

      srihari 2 years ago

      hello!! admin i got rejected twice with in a period of above 15 days twice .and what that HUB means please get me out of it.

      my blog is

    • profile image

      Soumya Jain 2 years ago

      Hi, Thanks for the very useful article on getting approved on Google Adsense!

      M website is It's more than 4 years old. I recently applied for Google Adsense and after 3-4 days of putting the Google Adsense code on my website, they sent me the rejection email citing that my "site does not comply with Google policies". I went through their list of guidelines, but I think I have more or less covered all the points. Having said that, there are things which I might have overlooked. Can you help me with some suggestions on why my site could have been rejected?


    • Abhinav4192 profile image

      Abhinav Garg 2 years ago from Bangalore

      I recently joined Hubpages and i find this article very useful. It provided me a good insight to applying for google adsence.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 2 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      Fine Hub, discussion heavy (?), will Google like this one? I did. Thanks.

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 2 years ago from Manila

      @tazzytamar You are very much welcome! I believe 6 weeks may be sufficient; however, we can't be 100% sure that you'll be approved by then. The policy of Google may have become stricter (or not) over the years (since I wrote this in 2012), but definitely you will be approved!

      Oh and by the way, welcome to the Hubpages Community!

      @Ubaid I believe the reason for getting disapproved is the over-placement of other ads. The pages look so cluttered which may diminish the user experience. I guess, you should temporarily remove under-performing ads to avoid the clutter.

    • tazzytamar profile image

      Anna 2 years ago from chichester

      Hi thank you so much for this information. I just transferred over from squidoo and have been deleting and improving each of my hubs one by one. I'm really struggling with adsense; just got denied yet again for insufficient content... With 104 hubs! Maybe I just need to wait two more weeks - I noticed you got approved after six weeks and wondered if this is a necessary amount of time?

    • profile image

      Ubaid 2 years ago

      Hi, My site is and i applied for adsense 2 times. Both times same rejection mail

      Site does not comply with Google policies: We're unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because your site does not comply with the Google AdSense program policies or adhere to the Webmaster Quality guidelines. It's our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria.

      Here are some recommendations to help you improve the user experience on your site and comply with AdSense criteria:

      It’s important for sites displaying Google ads to offer significant value to the user. As a publisher, you must provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.

      Don’t place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.

      Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they’re seeking.

      CAN YOU HELP ????

    • it-solution profile image

      MD. ZAKIR HOSSAIN SIKDER 2 years ago from Sher-e-Bangla Agriculture University

      Thanks for sharing good article. I applied for adsense. But my adsense account have not yet approved. I have 9 featured hub. Now what can I do for approving my adsense account? I am since 11 days in hubpages. Please follow me on hubpage.

    • Viter Saja profile image

      Yuviter Pradeska 3 years ago from Prabumulih

      1. Make a blog that contains content articles about these tips or how to - The first step to do is to create a blog that contains tips. For example, you can create content articles about tips for being a good writer. By making such kind of articles, your blog will certainly will soon get approval from Google Adsense publisher. Making these types of articles such as this is not difficult. Because those articles that contain helpful tips to do something is one of the pillars of the article

      2. Minimum should be 50 articles indexed in Google - When you will register your blog to Google Adsense, it is still unclear about the number of articles that specified the Google Adsense. However, at least there should be a minimum of 50 articles if you want to register your blog to Google Adsense. For an article on the blog at least the number of words per article is 400 words. If the number of words in your article less of these provisions, then chances are your blog will be included in the category of less content and consequently will be rejected

      3. Article Make a truly original - That is, when you create an article for the need to be accepted by the Google Adsense, then you have to make the article contains truly original and 100% pass Copyscape. Its purpose other than copyright infringement, if your article is copy and paste the article, it can be ascertained blog you create will never be able to enter the top 10 of Google. However, if you are not proficient in English to writing articles, you can use article writing services both locally and abroad. The articles that have been passed Copyscape 100% when you send will certainly save time, because it does not need to check again on the Copyscape.

      Read more :

    • ourevolution profile image

      Brett A Rogers 3 years ago from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

      I've been with hubpages for less than a month and have published 25+ hubs. Adsense still says insufficient content. What's going on?

      Entered my profile page URL. Was that right?

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 3 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Many thanks for your article. So far as I know I'm approved (after using a different gmail account) and I even see some earnings from last month and this month, Its very minimal and no I never did receive an congratulations email, but if I click on the link below my Adsense box I arrive at the page on Google that says:

      Account Not Active ( so from my hubpages it must be linking me to the previous email address?)

      An AdSense account does not exist for this login, as it is associated with an unapproved application. For more information about your application, please review the message we sent to the email address you provided with your application.

      Is there something I must do on the hubpages site? Thanks for reading

    • ruthwalker profile image

      ruthwalker 3 years ago

      Very helpful hub yougotme, have been wondering about this applying for adsense process, is a little clearer now, thankyou for sharing

    • ravi1991 profile image

      Ashutosh Tiwari 3 years ago from Lucknow, India


      Thanks for your support. I finally got approved.

    • Johan Budi profile image

      Johan Budi 3 years ago from Jakarta, Indonesia

      I have website that was over 1 years old now. First time I apply to adsense on 3 months old (march 2013) with -100 visitor/day and 50 articles (some of them short articles), and of course got rejected with the reason "site doesn't comply with google policy".

      Then I apply again on last year (nov 2013) using other email that is adsense hosted account on youtube after get some organic traffic (+1000/day plus +2000 referal traffic from facebook) but I forgot to remove the other ads from other network and no privacy policy page, and got rejected again with the same reason.

      Then on dec 2013 I decided to go for organic traffic only and make several significant change to the website content. Now, on march 2014 we got decent traffic on our site from organic and direct traffic (+10.000/day) with percentage of 70% organic and 30% returning visitor (does this can help on adsense approval??). Some of the website content are TV schedule (entertainment), health topics, entrepreneurs topic, and others life style topics.

      Now I will try to re-apply the adsense account using the email that I used when first apply to adsense, but I want to make sure that this site is comply with adsense policy. Can you help me to screening my site at for the sake I missed some of the basic policy to get approved with adsense.

      Thank you very much.

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 3 years ago from Manila

      Insufficient content may suggest that they are not looking at the 6 month-rule. Do you have at least 10 featured hubs? Well, it will be better if you have more than that. :)

    • ravi1991 profile image

      Ashutosh Tiwari 3 years ago from Lucknow, India

      @yougotme No, I was just hesitating that Already I have applied 3 times.

      One guy told me that we must wait for six month from the date we first published our first featured hub.

      Is it correct ?

      Last time I had applied on 12 of Jan, 2014 and they rejected it for insufficient content !

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 3 years ago from Manila

      @ravii I think that should qualify you for adsense. Did you try applying already? What did Google say in its email?

    • ravi1991 profile image

      Ashutosh Tiwari 3 years ago from Lucknow, India

      @yougotme 6 months from when ?

      I joined hubpages 2 years ago.

      But I published my first nearly six months ago !

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 3 years ago from Manila

      @ravi1991 I hate to break it to you, but Google policy seem to have retained that policy, but again others are claiming that they were able to circumvent this. However, to be safe, I think you will need to wait 6 months. Still, I suggest that you try to apply once in a while. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky! :)

    • ravi1991 profile image

      Ashutosh Tiwari 3 years ago from Lucknow, India

      @yougotme and other hubbers

      I have completed 25 featured hubs and my hubs have been viewed 2000 times. Do I have to wait six months, since I am from India, after completion of 25 hubs or from the date when I published my first featured hub ?

      Thanks in advance.

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 3 years ago from Manila

      @Steve It may have something to do with the layout. Try checking the Webmasters Guide. Anyway, what message is Google giving you? It may give out a clue on how you should go about it.

      @Sidays I noticed you already got approved in Adsense, great job!

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 3 years ago from Manila

      @Jim The 6-month rule applies only to selected countries, mostly in Asia. As for the insufficient content, Google wants you to add more content before they screen you up again. This is because they want publishers that somehow established something, but don't worry this can be easily remedied by adding more content.

      Keeping the site a secret may not help as well, since good traffic is always a plus for Google.

      Good luck Jim with your site and application!

    • profile image

      Jim 3 years ago

      Do I really need to have my website for six months? I don't remember reading anything about that in the Adsense rules and policy. I've been denied twice fir insufficent content, but I really think I have decent content.

      I wanted to keep my site kind of a secret until I jad Adsense so I don't have much traffic, is that a problem too? Why am I being denied?

      My website is:

      Thanks, Jim

    • profile image

      SIDAYS 3 years ago

      My web site is i don't under stand why i'm rejected

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 3 years ago from Manila

      @Jasmeetk Sorry for taking forever to reply. Hopefully, by now, you already got your adsense account approved. If not, it is more likely that it's a matter of time before you finally get approved. I see nothing explicitly wrong with your hubs, and you've crossed the 6-month threshold. Just keep persisting. Same thing happened to me, and I was taken by surprise when account got approved. :)

    • profile image

      Steve 3 years ago

      My website is, I don’t fully understand the reason for being rejected, all my contents are original and I would have to say unique than any other website in my niche.please suggest what I should do?

    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 3 years ago from India

      I know this question must be asked to you many times, but I am also facing the same problem " ADSENSE REJECTION"

      Goggle rejection reason: Site does not comply with Google policies

      I am not getting how to improve my hubs and where to correct. If it is webmaster guidelines issue then how to correct such issues

      please please suggest and help me out :(

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 3 years ago from Manila

      @Varun You have a wonderful website! I think the only think hindering you to further your application is the 6-month rule for those who are in India. Hopefully, Google will grant you exception to that rule. :)

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