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Getting Thousands of Hub Views

Updated on December 15, 2015

Sometimes when you are on hub you can become restless and tired of the hard work it takes to get the community you need. The more hubs you do, the easier it becomes is something that hubbers say, but it is not always that easy. People are usually looking for quality over quantity, but even quantity works in a pinch, but for those that are tired of typing and ready to give only their best then you have to start looking for ways to give you hub appeal. Hundreds of words strong together in an article on the internet for people to find, but they are hidden and you have to dig for them. After awhile you start to wonder if your words mean anything, if it's your writing and not engaging enough or entertaining enough. Sometimes that is the truth, sometimes there just is no market for your writing, but other times there is.There are some amazing groundbreaking articles out in the world, but no one to make them known and shed some light on them. There was a time when the world was a small market pool in which your writing would get the exposure it needs to become a noteworthy sensation. This isn't the case in the 21st century. It's all up to the writer now to get the ball rolling and introduce the world to his piece of work and once they are sure that it is a captivating piece of work, then your writing will speak for itself. The hardest part of getting the audience you want is spreading your work in the right way. In the day and age, you have all the materials you need to have an incredible Hubpage experience.


Facebook has long been a place to spread knowledge and connect to others. There is something about this social media that guides people to your hubs. There are a multitude of ways in which you can guide viewers to your hubs using the popular form of communication. First and foremost, you should never be afraid to share your hubs with family and friends. There is no better way to get the ball rolling. Your friends and family will build your credibility over time and soon the networking of the social network will promote your hubs and build community around your hubs. If you are reluctant to share your personal hubpage experiences, then you can also take the website marketing route. It is free to create a page on Facebook. A page is a separate entity under your personal Facebook account in which you can post picture, articles, and your hubs for people to like. This is usually how businesses grow through Facebook. If you want to turn your hub into your own form of business by investing money in them and paying for them to be advertisement across the screens of thousands of people across the internet the this is the route. It is a very quick route because instead of spreading by word, you are taking the route of mass advertising. If you give your article to one person to read, it is definitely less effective than placing it in front of thousands of people that may click your article. This method is only for those of you who are interested in spending money to make money. If done right, you can make enough profit to one handedly fuel your hub as a craft. It is a road less taken, but it is undoubtedly advantageous.

Using Twitter

Twitter is a social platform of 974 million accounts and if you are not interested in that number then that is okay, but it is definitely a mainstream place to tap into a stream of people that would be otherwise extremely difficult to reach. Twitter also leaves a large amount of room for connectivity through hashtags and trending. When writing your hub you should always keep in mind that you want it to be not only interesting, but engaging to the audience you're aiming for. Use twitter as a marketing strategy by advertising your hubs in creative ways. Go out there and give people your article and bring them to your hubpages. By direct messaging your fan base you not only get a higher chance of sharing and the spread of your article but you also receive a dedicated follower. When you are willing to reach out and leave an open connection with your readers, they are more likely to come back. Also, it is somewhat immensely important to that you stay relevant. This is where the trends come in. You always want to be mindful that there are already large pockets of people interested in subject already willing to educate, inform, and entertain themselves waiting for someone like you to give them the motherload of information on the topics the truly desire. Create highly captivating articles based on the buzz of the town and there will be an influx of people reading your hub, and once you've reeled them in, you have found yourself a fan. Moreover, being active and user friendly will keep the people coming and attract views for months and months to come. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier to transition into the world of promotion.

Using YouTube

YouTube is an amazing way to market anything, especially good articles. Find yourself a good drop and a decent camera and you can start a channel based on each article. This is a simple way to get hub views, and for every video that you make will bring you traffic. YouTube traffic is usually all about how good your content is. Your hard hitting interesting articles will bring you a good amount of revenue. If you do not like the video approach, you can always go by finding a video of the similar title. If a video is about a celebrity, write a hub about them and leave it in the comment. This will make your hub as interesting and readable as whatever the video you chose to piggyback off of. The revenue you make on both YouTube, from making videos, and writing adds up and can even become a primary source of income if you work hard enough at it.

Social Network
Monthly Users
1.55 billion
1 bilion
316 million
199.1 million
100 million


Most people using hubpage are looking to grow into a blog. Here on hubpage, you only make a fraction of what the website is making, because you are not using you own web host. After a few months on hubpages it is usually advised that you should move over to a blog of your own so that you can flourish and start making the real dollars on the internet. That does not mean that your hubpages die, it just you have another place that is all your own to pull in traffic to your hubs. Your blog can have the general idea of topics and link your hubs. This gives you the flexibility to make some money and get some views on hub without entirely giving up on it.

Your views are solely based on how well you go out and spread your blog. The better you spread it, the more likely you are to get the community you need to thrive in the market. Your link should be plastered anywhere on the internet you can get it. There are other forms of social media that you could get a decent amount of traffic. Using tumblr and pinterest can also help you discover an audience that wants to read what you have to say. Posting fliers around your community can help you get the views you desire. The possibilities are endless.

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    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 2 years ago from USA

      These are all helpful tips on how to increase views. I believe in all of these avenues for letting people know about the hubs we have written. I haven't tried doing YouTube to gain views yet. But, I can see how effective it could be.