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Getting Your First Clickbank Sale - The 5 Steps for Success!

Updated on August 15, 2012

Your First Clickbank Sale...

So what's the mystery to Getting Your First Clickbank Sale...With a great deal of inconsistent information on the Internet...A different ‘technique’ for success everywhere you look, which one do you pick? when you’ve just started with affiliate marketing? Prior to going out and spending a few hundred bucks on the next...How to get rich scam...Here’s a free, sure-fire formula to help you make your first sale online...without costing you a single dime!

So...Let's Get To It... Getting Your First Clickbank Sale - The 5 Steps for Success!

>>> Step 1...Go over to Clickbank and sign-up...And pick a product to promote.

Sign up for ClickBank. It’s free, and there are a immense amount of affiliate products you can pick from. Clickbank is the easiest, fastest, and pays the highest commissions to start with...Although this process would work just as well with many others affiliate programs.

Next, go to the Marketplace and find a product to promote!

This must be a worthy product with an attractive sales page...Would you buy it based on the sales page? As well, it helps if you’re interested in the product. You’re going to have to write some content using this method, so be sure to pick a product you are able to at least tolerate, and ideally are interested in.

The final criteria is that the product is actually making sales...A gravity of 30 or more is a good indicator that other affiliates are making sales. Also look for a product that's doesn't have a gravity of over 100 and at least 60% referred. [ That means that affiliates are making 60% of the sales ]

>>> Step 2...Keyword Research...This is very important if you're going to succeed...

Head over to Google's Keyword Tool and enter your keyword phrase...I usually enter in the name of the product. For example, If I’m researching a Dog training product, I would enter Dog Training into the search box. You’re looking for results of 1,000 - 10,000 global monthly search phrases that are related to the Dog training product your searching. Make a list of all these keyword phrases.

>>> Step 3...Researching The Competition...

Do a Google search for keyword in your list in "quotes". Here, were looking for optimized results of less than 10,000. Anymore than 10,000 results dump that keyword. As well, look at your competition for each keyword phrase [ The top 10 sites on page 1 of Google ]. Are the sites you’re going up against on the first page established sites with thousands of articles? Click through to each site to check for how well they are optimized for the keyword. If you're not sure how to do that...It's O.K. Well cover that in step 4.

>>> Step 4...Build Your Hubpage...

As I mentioned in Step 3...For our purposes will make sure there's less than 10,000 Optimized results and There's no Hubpage using our desired keyword. Simply enter in the keyword phrase into the search bar at the top of the Hubpages screen and see if there's any hubs using the phrase if there is you'll want to pick another keyword phrase from your list.

Once you've done that...It's time to write your hub. Make sure your keyword phrase is in your title and use it for the URL of your hub. Now write a 300 to 400 word article about your product...Be sure to add the keyword phrase in you content.[ Once per 100 words ]

Hubpages will allow you to have 2 Links to any domain. However you can't direct link to a affiliate sales page...You will need to set up a FREE blog as a landing page. Insert your affiliate the blog that you get from Clickbank. Now when someone reads your hub and visits your blog and then clicks your affiliate link...They are taken to the sales page and if they make a purchase you'll be paid a commission.

>>> Step 5...Getting traffic to your Hubpage...

There are many ways to get traffic...But for now you'll take those other keywords that are on your list and write articles and submit them to Goarticles. Write 10 articles and have 1 link going to the sales page and the other link in anchor text going to your Hubpage. I mean in Anchor text that the link or words they click on to go to your Hub...Should be the title of your Hub.

I know that this may be confusing to start...But trust me it gets easier. Read my hubs...There packed full of helpful information.

Got Questions? Ask Them! I will try to answer them the best I can...And remember not too long ago I was just starting out as a failing affiliate...I wish I had discovered Hupages Years ago.

Spend some time reading different Hubs...You'll find there's a lot of Hubbers who will be more than willing to help! GOOD LUCK.


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    • Online Earning profile image

      Online Earning 5 years ago from Canada

      Hubpages does not allow affiliate links. If you notice that my hubs will link to infobarrel...Which allows some affiliate links.

      What you do is set up a FREE blogger blog that presells the product your promoting. Then you backlink your blog from infobarrel and send 1 link to your blog and 1 link to the affiliate link. [be careful not to link to your affiliate link from to many infobarrel articles]

      As an example write 5 infobarrel articles and link all 5 to your blog and link only 2 to the affiliate link. When writing the articles on infobarrel you interlink them [link the 5 articles to each other]

      Now you write some articles on hubpages and your allowed to have 2 self severing links. Send 2 links to each infobarrel article and be sure to interlink your hubs to.

      You can join infobarrel here

      Hope this helps.

    • createmyeconomy profile image

      createmyeconomy 5 years ago from USA, Australia

      When I put a clickbank product link on my Hub, it says I am in danger of getting unpublished?????

    • Online Earning profile image

      Online Earning 5 years ago from Canada


    • createmyeconomy profile image

      createmyeconomy 5 years ago from USA, Australia

      Are you still selling clickbank products?