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Give A Little Bit of Yourself Every Day

Updated on November 20, 2012

Smile it doesn't cost you anything.


Good Will Is Like a Cold Virus, It's Catching.

Back In The Day

During the first Great Depression in 1930's People were still connected to God, their religion and the church, and so there was a greater sense of family, fellowship, fraternity, and camaraderie which allowed people of diverse backgrounds and situations to come together in support of one another till things got better. Eventually times did get better and life improved and returned to a sense of normalcy.

Spirituality Today

Today people don't feel the same way about religion and the church, they see it as a scam by con artist, and a haven for pedophiles protected by church officials, or as a moral code that denies women the right to control their bodies as they see fit for themselves. So there is a growing sense that religion is dead for many people in modern times. This doesn't mean that God doesn't have a place in their lives any more, I think secretly he still lives there for the most part, in their hearts and minds that is, and until some really big and great event takes place in the world, spirituality will not have a place in peoples lives and society as it once did.

Some see Religion as a form of control imposed upon society to direct peoples behaviors and attitudes in directions dictated by one group who think of themselves as superior and pious, because of their fundamentalist beliefs in God as the highest power on earth. So they figure they can hold everyone hostage to their rigorous standards and moral ethical codes. The problem has always been that the creators of these standards and morality codes have always supported a double standard, and in many cases thought of themselves as above the very moral laws that they work so hard to enforce on others.

Caring For Your Fellow Man

Mostly these were educated people of the class of nobility who held these beliefs, and in many ways they did succeed in improving the quality of life over time. The strong were there to protect the weak and those who could not defend themselves, from those would seek to take advantage of them for being weaker or ignorant and lacking of knowing and understanding. But in these modern times as more and more information becomes readily available to the masses, education and knowledge has increased peoples understanding exponentially. So people feel less and less obligation to religion and the church, and about being led by those they once considered their betters. This has in turn led to the deconstruction of religion in modern society. Science has become the new religion of modern times and modern man, as scientist seek to explain the natural world which surrounds us, and replace the supernatural and mystical elements of life with scientific logic and facts.

In fact the only supernatural event that still confounds science and modern man is death, as it has never been able to be explained away by science or philosophy, or any one for that matter. Consequently, it is the last phenomena left to humanity, which we all have in common with one another. And as science seeks to find ways to help create a sense of immortality by extending life. It is our very mortality which is in the realist sense, the most profound of events that affects all men. The ultimate truth of life is that it ends.

Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters

There is a story about a man who moved to a new town, and began taking the bus to work everyday. Upon entering the bus and paying his fare, he would greet the bus driver by saying good morning and smiling. The bus driver grunted and frowned as he looked incredulously upon the man as if he were some sort of crazy person, and many of the passengers on the bus would also look warily upon the man as he passed them on the way to his seat, as he greeted them with the same smile and good morning salute as he had the driver of the bus.

The man never the less continued this ritual every morning of his bus ride to work in spite of the incredulity and attitudes of every one on the bus, until finally a few days later the bus driver eventually broke down and returned the man's smile and greeting of good morning. Eventually, even the regular passengers on the bus, started to return the mans good will greeting and the riders of the bus began to have a sense of happiness and camaraderie that was not present before the man started to greet them in his fashion.

But one day the man did not appear on the bus at his usual stop, and many weeks had passed and he still had not returned. It was eventually found out that the man had passed away, but the bus driver and the other regular passengers on the bus, never the less continued the ritual of greeting one another in the fashion that the man had inspired with his smile and warm greeting of good morning to each other, thus they began to commune and have fellowship with one another.

Yes There is a Moral Here

So the moral of my story comes down to this. It means that you just have to live with God inside of you and maintain a sense of fellowship and fraternity in the form of good will toward your fellow man and woman. Good will is like the common cold its catching, and if you make it viral enough in your daily life it will eventually rub off on people and they'll catch it too.

I wrote this because I was inspired by a recent encounter with a musician who wrote and told me the following:

"If your music is about God you are not popular as our country has turned from God. My music is to bring back God into our country, but the devil has more friends. I will not give up"


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    • InfoRoom profile image


      5 years ago from Brooksville, Florida

      awesome article brother...


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