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Give me 10 Minutes and I’ll Give you 10 Tips how to Easily DOUBLE or TRIPLE Your Hub Earnings

Updated on May 10, 2012
“Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.” - Arnold Glasgow
“Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.” - Arnold Glasgow

You don't have to be a Perfect Writer to be a Profitable Writer

We all want to make more money, but few of us have a real solid plan to make that happen. Knowing what to do is every bit as important as knowing how to do it. There are many excellent hub writers that are NOT making much money, because they are making some very simple and CORRECTABLE mistakes.

Lets Begin our Journey to more Profitable Articles…

If you want to make more money from your online articles and hubs (and who doesn’t) you’ll want to spend the next 10 minutes (For people who read fast maybe only 5 minutes) digesting the tips and strategies I’m about to share with you. If you are already earning $5,000 a month from your online article writing then you probably won’t need this… if you are not then you should keep right on reading.

I’d like to share some of the strategies I use that will help those who want to make more money writing online. I’m going to try and keep this list of tips to the most important. Follow them and watch your profits increase.

Think about why someone would want to read your article and the action you want them to take after reading your article. If your article does not have an action you want them to take then don’t write it, unless you want to make no money. Make sure your articles guide your visitors where you want them to go.

My purpose in putting this together is not to sell a product, I’m specifically interested in working on my own formula for increasing my own sales for other articles so I’m “thinking out loud” in order to solicit opinion from other articles on what they do or do not agree with and garner new tips or suggestions on the comment area. Prior to writing this article I was researching Remote Control Helicopters. What I determined was that while there is good demand for the products, the actual cost is low and the competition is high so the payout would likely be low. So I decided not to pursue that niche even though I have high interest.

  1. Make sure there is a market for the product you are writing about and that there is an opportunity to profit. Market + Opportunity = Profit Potential. There are only 2 things you need to do to determine if there is a market. One search the product on Google and see if there are ads displaying above, to the right, and below your search. If ads are appearing in numbers then there is a market. You may also want to go to the free Google Adwords/Adsense Keyword Tool and look for volume. But you can not trust the volume numbers explicitly. If there are less than 10,000 Global monthly searches then in my opinion it is a low demand niche and you should probably keep looking. Once you know if there is a market in Adsense you need to go to Amazon and do a similar search. How many different companies are offering products for sale that are similar and how many reviews are there of those products. Lots of reviews means lots of potential. If there are not many reviews or many products then it’s not worth writing about for profit.
  2. Write about Products that are evergreen and in large demand. Evergreen means things that people will buy over and over. One example of an evergreen product would be automobile insurance. People MUST buy it over and over and the market is huge. Yes you can make money writing about a specific product like a Model of Camera or a particular cell phone, but what happens 3 months from now when that product is not longer the latest and greatest? Write about topics that people will be searching for right now and next year. If you are going to write about Cell Phones you would be much better off writing a Tips page on how to select a Cell Phone for Teenagers or something like that. In that way you satisfy the evergreen component (Cell Phones are going to be in demand a long time) and your article will be relevant for many years and can be updated.
  3. Write about Products you own or have great interest in, but make your article about THEM. When you read a review that is written by a person with PASSION for the product and loads of hands on experience you recognize they have created real value for their readers. When they word the article so that it benefits their readers they can steer them towards an action they want to be taken. What's in it for them? It's a very proven formula which involves extolling the benefits not the features. Tell your readers what the information you are providing will do for them. This type of article will be read over and over and more importantly if it’s good material this is the kind of article that others will link to keeping it alive for a very long time. Have you ever read an article about a product that you knew right away the person did not own or knew little about? As soon as you recognize this fact how much longer did you keep reading?
  4. Pay attention to “Above the Fold” adspace and FOCUS! Many products lend themselves to an affiliate opportunity, especially Amazon. If you write a review and do not check Amazon first to see if the product is in demand and selling then you would be better off putting an Adsense Block at the top of your article. You can mix Adsense with Affiliate as long as the opportunity is closely matched. If Adsense is displaying ads that are not related to your product then remove the block. I see over and over poorly targeted ads in prime adspace above the fold… do not let this happen to you.
  5. Learn from others. I can not tell you how valuable other Hubs are in improving your own and increasing your profits. Look for other hubs about your product and check to see how those pages are scoring. Read those hubs and highlight the good points and dismiss the bad points. I’m not suggesting anyone copy another Hubber's work, I am suggesting you analyze what they have done to see how it can help you write better articles that will become more popular.
  6. Quality not Quantity. Sure you could crank out 5 hubs today and over the next 6 months those 5 hubs could generate 200 visitors and you could make almost no money. Or you could create one high quality hub that generates 10,000 visitors over the same period and make some good money. You could spend the exact same amount of time on either, but which would you rather do? If you want to earn more money then the answer is pretty simple - focus on quality. There is a misconception that a lot of something is somehow better. It’s very difficult becoming an authority on a single subject, let alone a dozen subjects. Focus your efforts and make your work stand out.
  7. Don’t rely on luck. Check the statistics on your hubs or self published articles and see how they are being found. See how long people are spending reading your articles. Analyze what is working. Make time to do this and you’ll make more money. Don’t abandon your work and move on to something else thinking that what you just created must not be good. Go back and FIX it (But do not fix something that is not broken – I can not emphasize this point enough.). Headlines matter and a good headline can change the profitability of an article all by itelself which I’m going to tough on next.
  8. Headlines matter! Take the time to craft a compelling and interesting headline. Grab your readers interest, ask them a question, tweak their curiosity. Your headline should tell the reader what your article is about and should interest them enough to get them to read at least the first paragraph. And if that first paragraph is well written you’ll win… and pull your reader into your article where you can make your pitch to get them to take the action you want them to take. There have been volumes of books written about “How to write headlines”. Lists and questions work very well in headlines. "7 ways to…", "The Top 5 Grossing Movies of All time", "Do you make these mistakes?", if you need ideas look at Yahoo’s Home Page or look at the National Enquirer. As I’m writing this article I see on Yahoo’s Front Page “70-year-old virgin says she’s finally ready for love”, “Rare flesh-eating disease caused by common bacteria”… who wouldn’t be curious about those? Make your headline count! This is your EASIEST opportunity to get people to click through to your article so you can show them what you've got to offer them.
  9. Embrace Failure, and learn from it. Failure is humbling. Each of us has our own great ideas that we think are going to make us rich. How could our own ideas possibly not be stellar? It’s everyone else that is wrong or doesn’t get it… I’m always right. Well if that’s your attitude successful article writing will likely elude you. People appreciate honesty, integrity, and HUMILITY and will gravitate towards it. Think about the people in your own life, now think about what it is that you like about each of them and what you dislike about each of them. Always being right probably will never make the “what I like about” list. Failure is a chance to succeed. But you need to understand the reasons why you failed and learn from them. While I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, he did manage to lose close to a Billion Dollars then earn it all back. So if you are the type that can not embrace your own failures and short comings you won’t be successful writing articles for money.
  10. Know when Enough is Enough – Listen to your Body We all have our days! But today may not be one of them. Knowing your limits and when to work is golden. Keep a notepad for ideas and jot them down. Personally I have a huge whiteboard in my office. Whenever I get an idea I walk over to the whiteboard and jot it down. I may not look at that idea again for a few days, but I want to be reminded. I can’t just sit down and write on demand. There are days I can’t write at all and other days I can write several articles. As I am about to conclude this article I’m starting to wander off to thinking about the bike ride I’m about do go on. Sure it’s almost 100 degrees so I’m waiting for after 4pm so the suns rays are not as intense, but I’m thinking about it. When you are self employed you have the advantage of working on your own bio-rythum when you feel good about working and getting your mind away from the grind when you don’t. You will never produce quality work when you are stressed and not in the mood to work. So listen to your body! Get out and move and exercise and eat well and have fun and laugh and play – it will all be reflected in your articles.

Bonus Tip: Have you ever walked into a dirty restaurant and stayed around expecting great food and great service? Probably NOT! First Impressions matter. Edit your hubs so there are headlines and they are easy to read. Make your Hubs Pretty to they eye!

FYI: This article took me about an hour and a half to compose and post. I expect it to earn about 50 cents per day in Revenue over the course of the next Calendar year. Yes just 50 cents per day = $182.50 per year or $121 per hour for the time I spent creating it. Do you make $121 an hour? That’s not bad pay and it’s for real… and you can do it as well.

Comments Welcome.


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  • kellyteam profile image


    5 years ago from Michigan

    Hi Mike! These tips are pretty handy. I especially like and agree with #5 which is how I stumbled upon your hub. Reading what others have to say about their experiences can be game changer for you. Thanks for sharing and keep on hubbing!

  • internpete profile image

    Peter V 

    6 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

    Very good tips. It is easy to just write on whatever I feel like but that does not usually translate into income. Thanks for the insights.

  • Millionaire Tips profile image

    Shasta Matova 

    6 years ago from USA

    These are all great ideas - I wish I had insights to add to your list, but I think you've pretty much covered it. Voted up.

  • viking305 profile image

    L M Reid 

    6 years ago from Ireland

    A very informative article for writers who want to know how to make money online. You are correct that we have to approach our writing like a business.

    I do write articles that are not profitable but get read a lot. I like writing them and if I earn a few euro from them that is grand, if not then they are being read and appreciated by my target audience.

    Then I write other hubs to earn a part time income. These are harder to write but they are the ones that bring in the money.

    Thanks for reminding me to fix a few things on some of my hubs though, its amazing how easy it is to forget.

    Shared with followers. Voted up, useful and interesting

    Oh and enjoy your bike ride, hope it cools down a bit for you

  • copywriter31 profile image

    James Ranka 

    6 years ago from Port Neches

    Nicely done . . . I tend to "crank 'em out" but I like what you wrote concerning quality over quantity.


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