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Google Adsense - How much can one earn from 1 million page views?

Updated on September 9, 2013

One of the many benefits of using Google adsense is that it gives a more comprehensive report to publishers who make money from content publishing. By simply logging into your Google adsense account, you can easily be able to view your page views.

These page views represent the actual number of times Google ads on a page has been displayed and is probably a reliable method of monitoring the amount of traffic coming into your website or display network where adsense ads have been installed.

I've tried using some other publishing networks but they don't offer good reporting like Google adsense does such as in the issue of page views, rather some just offer the number of impressions.

You can easily view the amount of human traffic that has viewed your webpages using your Google adsense account. It works like this - If you have a webpage that has 3 ads embedded and a single visitor views that page, it still counts as one page view and same also if that page has only one ad displayed on it.

So, page views for adsense ads on your page are a cool way to monitor your traffic and highly rewarding sites especially if you are using adsense ads on multiple sites. Rather than having to view your web traffic for those multiple ads, you could just view all of them in a single report.

How much can you really make from Google adsense if you get at least 1 million page views?

I think you should be able to at least get up to $1000 just for the impressions alone. How much you get in totality would be increased by the time we add up your clicks from it. A friend of mine was able to make more than 6,000 euros from over 1 m page views while another person earned only 4000 euros. So, It differs from publisher to publisher and you should first ask yourself how much you are making from 100 page views and then multiply that by 10,000 to get an estimate.

Some factors that determine Google adsense income

Here are some factors I'm sure that help determine how much you can make from Google adsense as a publisher.

  • Number of valid clicks: At least $0.10 per click
  • Number of page views and impressions: At least $1000 per 1million page views
  • Keywords involved: Some keywords pay higher than others so it depends on your niche
  • Countries that bring you traffic

Personally, it is really all about traffic and your niche. If you've got a high paying niche, you would only need little traffic to get more pay but even if you are in a low paying niche, you can make up for it by increasing your dominance and then traffic in that niche.

Countries of your visitors: This also matter as some advertisers tend to target some regions better than others. Countries like USA, Canada or UK tend to pay more than compared to regions in Africa and Asia. However, they also seems to be a growing number of online advertisers who still pay high to target select developing economies in Africa and Asia.

Well, the picture I've included shows how much someone made from Google adsense after crossing over 1 million page views for using adsense on multiple niche sites. He was able to get about 6500 euros($8500) from over 1,000,000 page views.

I think Google adsense does pay well when compared to other ad networks. These figures may not be the same for all publishers but it is just based on a single report.

Different websites or niches would earn different incomes and I guess one way to optimize your income from adsense is by doing an analysis of how much you really earn based on page views. That would then help you logically to decide on how to achieve a good income from it for the long term following your existing business model,


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