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Google Adsense Tips for success

Updated on July 31, 2010

Do not put ads on empty pages

Upon a complete reworking of my sites I continually built a few skeleton pages that really had no content. Basically they were just a few meta tags and titles, but added the google AdSense there. Of course upon doing such, all you get are a few public service ads. When you make new pages, Google's web crawler automatically starts a scan of your site(s) for analysis, to see what ads can correctly go there. And of course when the scan, via Google's web crawler, is complete the relevant ads will be placed accordingly. But if you have no content on that particular site then the ads may or may not be relevant to the page. So you will obviously have to wait for Google's web crawler to re-scan your site(s), which could take up to a few months. So in a sense it is better to add the relevant content to the site before you ad Google AdSense.

Make sure you are checking your keyword density

 You will never get the exact details from Google on how they determine what ads will be placed on your site. But they will tell you that it's your textual content that matters most on the page, not your meta tags. So check your keyword density before you place ads on your site(s). And a good place to check your keyword density for free would be to go here :

Keyword Density

This gives you the opportunity to fine tune your pages before the Google web crawler can.

Make sure you are carefully crafting your pages

 Publishers with Google AdSense often complain of one thing, and that is the fact that the ads are not relevant to the content. This is because the Google web crawler will analyze the site at unexpected intervals. The first impression that you are going to make (as discussed above) to the Google web crawler is very very important. So the first time that crawler goes to your site make sure the content is very relevant.

Access Google thru different domains

 Though it is rare, sometimes Google AdSense can't be accessed through the usual So if this were to ever happen and you are in dire need to check your Google AdSense earnings you should try the different domains for Google. For example you can check AdSense through sites like:

These entry points into the Google AdSense program will more than likely be up and running if the site is down.

Join Google AdWords

 There are two top reasons that you should join the Google AdWords program

  • You get to access the best keyword estimates
  • And you can drive more traffic to your site(s) by buying ads.

And an even more compelling third reason would be that you get to access Google Analytics for free (and yes I know what you are thinking, Google Analytics is free anyway) But what most people don't know is if you join the AdWords program through Google you aren't limited by the number of page views you can track. So spend the $10 to join AdWords and get the data on what people are doing on your site!


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    • E M Smith profile image

      E M Smith 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Is it a one off payment or monthly etc?

      Thanks for all the advice I am still getting to grips with adsense

    • gqgirl profile image

      Sabrae 7 years ago from Georgia

      Thanks so much, glad you could stop by and check it out! I have many others already written that you should check out and a few in the works so stay tuned! :)

    • infomanic profile image

      infomanic 7 years ago

      great hub, I look foward to more