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Google Adwords Keyword Tool-Search Engine Optimization

Updated on December 25, 2012

Are you freaked out that your website is not receiving as much traffic as you expect it to receive? One of the main factors contributing to a generous amount of web traffic is the selection of a very suitable title for your article which is both; relevant to the content as well as “search-friendly”. So the question arises, what does “search-friendly” mean? It means that the title for the article should be constituted with such words and/or phrases which are very frequently searched via various search engines such as Google and Bing. But how do we get to know that what words and phrases are searched for the most for a particular topic? Using adwords keyword tool is the key. I refer Google Adwords Keyword Tool in this article, which has helped me select my topic titles very carefully hence leading to a drastic increase in web traffic. This an online and free-to-use tool offered by Google.



You can use this tool by signing up for the program or even without signing up to Google Adwords by scrolling down the page and clicking the “get keyword ideas” link. But by signing up for Google Adwords you get hundreds of more keyword ideas for what you are searching for and also avoid entering the verify-you-are-a-human-code every time you search for a word or a phrase, which is DUH very annoying!


Then you set your match types by checking the [Exact] box, this this means that whichever the word or phrase you will search would be checked with the exact spelling and the order of the arrangement of words that you have entered. This setting is recommended as it presents the accurate statistics about the word or phrase we have searched ideas for, total global and local searches over a month and CPC etc. The “Broad” search shows diverse and wide scope suggestions for keyword ideas for a particular word or phrase which is searched. Preferably the [Exact] settings should be used. Also it is preferable to cancel the check mark for locations for a specific location, because if not then the statistics obtained for the global monthly searches would be confined for a particular location and would not show the results for the entire globe. Here is a screen shot for both the important highlights mentioned in this step:


Type the word or the phrase for which you want the keyword ideas for or to get its statistics. Enter the code given below and hit search button. Now you will get the results for the keyword ideas and the global monthly searches for what you have searched for and also for the other keyword ideas suggested. You can use this data to decide upon what should be the title of your article.


Now here is what people are actually crazy about! It’s a very common but painful question asked by the online community; “How to increase web traffic for my hub/website?” A creditable proportion of this problem is solved by using Google Adwords Keyword Tool, but to use it in a proper way is what the precise answer to this question is. Here are some tips while using this tool to amplify traffic on your website, although if it is a niche website then the prime factor is quality-rich writing combined with some patience.

  • To use the full features (and some very important features) you should sign up for Google Adwords. Then will you be able to unlock some important search measures such as Approximate CPC (Search) which allows users to calculate their approximate earning by writing hubs relating to respective keywords.
  • If you want more web traffic then write on a topic that is very popular, so to receive the deserved traffic for a well written hub, you should use such keywords in your title and in the summary of the hub that are searched very frequently.
  • Sort out the results by Global Monthly Searches, as this will show the relevant keywords with the highest search rate that means the keywords that are the most searched keywords (relevant to the word/phrase you have entered) searched through the search engines.
  • Select the keywords for you hub’s title which have the lowest competition. Now you might have noticed that I have written “lowest” rather than “a low competition” which would have been seemingly appropriate. YES this isn't just a coincidence, and neither is it a typing error but if you look at the results of the keywords, they only show the degrees of competition with a less accuracy of the boundaries drawn between the categories of “High”, “Medium” and “Low” competition categories. But if you want more traffic then you need a higher page rank. Competitive and qualitative hubbing is of vital importance but then so is the SEO. So for this matter instead of overlooking the tiny aspects of competition you check that if this keyword has a low competition, then how much is it low? This can be checked by obtaining a numerical value of the competition stats by hovering the mouse pointer over the labels of “Low”, “Medium” and “High” competitions, this shows the numerical value for the competitions. The lower the value the more the chance you have to ascend your page rank higher on the search list of a search engine. A mind-blowing example is shown;

  • One of the most important things is that check the spelling of the ideas suggested to you as this can cause DRASTIC difference in web traffic. Even a single alphabet can open a stream of visitors to your hub/website or can rob you from the opportunity to bring the precious visitors on your hub/website. An example if cannot believe it, it’ll drive you berserk!

  • Although this is a cheap trick but you can actually decide on what to write by searching that what keywords are searched the most on the web through the search engines :p Though this too will require to write an excellent piece of work to fight through the competitions to rank your hub above the other articles spread throughout the world wide web but this is an easy way to get ideas about what to write to get a large amount of traffic because this is able to tell the user what is searched the most so this will too increase the web traffic as the topic of your hub includes the keywords that are searched excessively on the web, but note that this too will need great quality content as to compete with other competitors as mentioned above.

So good luck all you people out there who are having trouble regarding falling traffic issues on their hubs or other niche websites :)


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