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Google Analytics linked to your Adsene account

Updated on March 29, 2012
Screen Shot of Analytics. Screen shot of my HubPage statistics.
Screen Shot of Analytics. Screen shot of my HubPage statistics.
Organic numbers shown; Click Image to Enlarge
Organic numbers shown; Click Image to Enlarge

Adsense and Google Analytics work together.

What is Analytics and how can you link it to your Adsense account?

At this point you have set up your Google Adsense account and implemented the program onto your web pages, you're probably really interested in finding out what that little link is that says 'Go to your Google Analytics account'? Well Analytics is a fantastic side program that Google has devised to help webmasters like yourself access, analyze and monitor the traffic on your website. It allows you to see exactly how much traffic your site is getting and break it down into which pages the traffic is visiting. It even allows you to see the source of the traffic!

That's great to know but how does it help you?

You may be wondering how this type of information is relevant to you and how can it really make much of a difference to you. Well quite simply, if you can see where your traffic is coming from and where it is specifically going, you can really utilize the visitors to make the most out of your website. For example if you see that a link from a competitors website is sending you most of your traffic but its all visiting page 'A', but your product sales link is on page 'B', you now know you'll need to place another sales link on page 'A' to capture as many sales as possible! Google Analytics also allows you to see where you need to focus on increasing traffic. Most of your traffic will and should come from organic rankings in search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo etc; so if you find most of it is coming from other links, you need to work on your SEO to get Google to notice you more so that they will send you bags of fresh organic traffic every day, therefore increasing your sales or visitors!

How do you use Google Analytics on your site?

It's really simple to set up Google Analytics on your websites, however it can take a bit of time if you have a large site, the code needs to be added to each individual page. The best approach is to add Analytics as you build your page to begin with. Firstly log into Analytics using your Google account login details, just like Adsense. Once you're in, Google will ask you to sign up to Analytics with a few details such as your web address; then click create new account, that's it! You'll see Google now provides you with a small piece of code. THIS is the code that you'll need to copy on to every page you wish Analytics to track. The Google Analytics Tracking Code should be immediately before the </body> tag. Once you've done this Google will start tracking. Just remember that Analytics updates around twice per day, so go back and check tomorrow but don't be too worried if nothing is showing up right away. By logging back into your Analytics account you will be able to see a little icon showing a tick in the status bar. This means the code is tracking and there are no problems.

What about linking Adsense to Analytics?

This is really easy to do. Now that you have both accounts up and running log back into Google Adsense and you'll see a link to 'integrate Adsense and Analytics' on your dashboard; simply click the link and follow the few simple steps. If you get lost Google has plenty of built in help on their site to keep you going.

This provides you with a quick run down on what you should do in regards to getting Analytics working for you. There are a few great Hubs that I have found which go into much greater detail, I have created links to them for you from within this Hub.

Don't worry, Google Analytics itself has a lot of help right there as you are setting up, it's not too complicated.

Be sure to check out my profile page, I may have something else that you like.

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